Getting Your Yard Ready for Spring

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This is a sponsored post written by my on behalf of Roundup® for lawns. All opinions are 100% my own.

If I tell people that I live in Seattle, the first thing I usually hear is, "oh, it rains a lot there, right?" It does, but you may be surprised to know that it actually rains more in Miami, Florida than it does in Seattle, Washington. Don't get me wrong, Seattle earns its rainy reputation, but only because we have many days of rainfall. Other locations get more rain, just over less days. But it's not really the rain that bothers me about our weather, it's the dark dreary days full of what seems like never-ending gloom. This year it's worse than normal and local weather stations are starting to take note. Since October, we've only had nine official sunny days. I'm pretty much over it and to say that I'm ready for spring would be an understatement. Because our doom and gloom weather is such a huge chunk of the year, I soak up as much time outside as I can when it's not pouring liquid sunshine on me. I'm constantly reminded of what a beautiful place we live in when the clouds lift and the sun comes out and I want to enjoy it when I can. Perhaps I end up appreciating it more once I come out of my hibernation. Spring is coming!  I'm sharing some tips on how you can start getting your yard ready for spring so that you can enjoy being outside and start using your yard as an extension of your home.

Getting Your Yard Ready for Spring

I love being outside as much as possible once the weather turns. But as I start to venture outside, I realize that the wet weather has taken a toll on our yard. Our garden and yard starts to bloom with new growth, but it's not only full of things I want growing there, it's also got some unwanted weeds too. I've got some tips to help you get your yard ready for spring so that you are ready for the growing season ahead and that only things you want to grow are growing.

Use a Rake
Rake up any leaves, twigs, and other debris that have made their way into your yard over the winter.
Re-Seed Bare Patches
Bare patches happen over the winter. Use a rake to loosen the soil on those patches and spread grass seed over top of the area.
Turn on Your Irrigation System
If you winterized your sprinkler system, spring is a good time to make sure it's back in working order so you can start prepping for those warmer months ahead. 
Aerate Your Lawn
Aerating your lawn allows oxygen and nutrients to get into the roots of your grass so that it grows better all summer long.
Spray the Weeds in Your Lawn
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Roundup® has a new formula Called Roundup For Lawns, you can use on your lawn that will kill the weeds but not your lawn. It even gets those hard-to-kill weeds and since it controls more than 250 common lawn weeds, there isn't any reason to use any other product. This one product get the job done! Its no surprise Roundup has been the #1 weed killing brand for over 40 years

Sharpen the Lawn Mower Blade
Start your year off right by making sure your tools are sharpened and ready to work all summer long.
Add Some Color
Use plants to help you add some color to your garden and make your yard an inviting place to spend some time.
Wash Down Patio Furniture
Take a rag and wipe down any of the outside furniture that made it through the long winter. Get any cushions out of storage and add a fresh coat of paint if needed.

With these simple tips, your yard will be ready in no time to act as an extension of your home to be enjoyed during those bright sunny days of spring.

disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Roundup® For Lawns. All opinions are 100% my own. I wouldn't share something with you that I didn't love.

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