How to Afford Family travel {10 Mistakes You're Making and How to Fix Them}

When it comes to planning a trip with your family, it can start to get expensive quickly. Between flights or gas, accommodations, and fun while you’re there, you could be spending thousands on your next trip! To help you save some money and plan smarter, here are ten mistakes you’re making and how to fix them so you can afford to travel as a family.

family travel mistakes

How to Afford Family travel {10 Mistakes You're Making and How to Fix Them}

family travel mistakes


You’re planning based on destination first

If you’re only planning a trip based on the destination in mind, you likely won’t get a great deal. Instead, be more flexible with your plans and find your destination based on the lowest price of the most expensive item. This is often plane tickets, but it could also be a hotel or accommodations, so be flexible.

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You aren’t saving money for travel

Instead of saving up at the last minute, have a travel fund and gradually put money into it every month. When it’s time to travel, you’ll know exactly how much you have and what you can spend.

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You’re always paying full price

If you’re paying rack rate for everything, you’re overpaying! Instead, look for bundles, discounts, or other options that can help you reduce the price on everything from your flights to your hotels.

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You’re only traveling during peak times

If you are only traveling during the weekends or peak seasons, you won’t ever save money! Instead, travel during offseasons and during the week to save some cash.

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You aren’t afraid to forego alternatives

Camping or even just driving over flying can help you save thousands on vacation alone. Before you stick with what you’ve always done, look if there are little ways you can chip away at that high cost.

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You eat all of your meals out when you travel

If you’re only eating out when you travel, your travel will be 10x more expensive. Instead, do some cooking or all of your cooking when you travel.

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You aren’t flexible

Being flexible is the best way to save money on your trip. This could mean not sitting together on a flight, changing your day, booking last minute, or even swapping hotels for a better deal.


You’re spending too much money on your travel plans

Think about how much money you are spending into your plans versus when you’ll get there. The planning portion shouldn’t be so expensive that you have no money left for when you travel. Sometimes moving the date of your trip can help you save money on the entire trip.


You don’t take advantage of promos or special discounts

There are always promotions and deals whenever you travel. This could be a kids sail free offer for cruises, a special on flights, or even a hotel deal. Take a look at these and plan your trip around them.

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You only travel to popular destinations

Less popular places will have cheaper everything, but it can help you do more travel with less money! Sometimes it’s okay to say no to a Disney trip so you can say yes to other places.



Hopefully, these tips will help make family travel more affordable and fun for your family as you start to plan your next vacation.

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