Personalized DIY Love Letter Anniversary Box for Him Made with the Cricut Joy

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Things have changed so quickly in the past few decades. My husband and I met and started dating in college in the late '90s. The internet barely existed and during the first summer we were together, 2500 miles separated the two of us. Long-distance dating isn't for the faint of heart, and home phones and calling cards were our reality. We knew exactly how much it cost per minute to talk on the phone, and since several times zones separated us, we wrote a lot of letters. A lot. I'm fairly certain the reason Hallmark stayed in business was because we both bought cards on the regular from there. {Thank goodness for my Cricut Joy now so I can make my own cards for a fraction of the price!}. We just celebrated our wedding anniversary, and instead of tucking away our old love letters in a box in the garage, I pulled them out and made a personalized DIY love letter anniversary box for him using the Cricut Joy. It's such an inexpensive way to store special memories but with the personalized vinyl using my Cricut, it sure looks like a million bucks! 


Personalized DIY Anniversary Box for Him Made with the Cricut Joy


Personalized Wooden Keepsake Box Ideas for Him

I wanted to have a wooden storage box so that my husband could store the love letters that we sent each other back in our dating days. I know that not all of you are as old as I am! So what else can you use a personalized wooden keepsake box for?

Groomsman Gift
USB Drive of Photos
Special Memories from a Trip
Momentos from Special Places {are ticket stubs still a thing?}
Storage for Just About Anything!

raw wood love letter keepsake box

Where to Buy Keepsake Wooden Boxes

You can buy unfinished wood boxes in so many different sizes just about anywhere. I found mine at my local craft store. Making these as gifts for groomsmen or friends? You can get a set of 6 for under $20. 

This small wooden box is perfect for a USB drive. Want something with a lock and key? Try this one

You can leave your box unstained or you can stain it. I put a weathered stain on it to make it just a bit more masculine. 

diy personalized keepsake box for him

After I stained the box, I used my Cricut Access Premium to help design the graphics I wanted. You could get away with using fonts only, but dang it if having Cricut Access Premium doesn't give me that must more flexibility in my design space. I love having it and honestly, couldn't see using my Cricut without it. It makes design 1000x's easier!


I love how versatile my Cricut Joy is. I call it my small buy mighty craft tool because it will do just about anything my big machine can do, but the machine can fit in the palm of my hand! 

I even sent one with my daughter to college because she can use the Circut Joy for everything from personalizing supplies and home decor to helping create projects for classes. 

I used Cricut Smart Vinyl Permanent for this project because you can cut without a mat on your Cricut Joy. The vinyl will also stay put for years if not more!

The only other tool you'll need for this project is the Cricut Weeder. I use mine all the time. They are often on sale, so keep your eye out!

**Pro Tip: After you peel off the negative vinyl {the part you don't need}, turn it upside down so the sticky side is up and after you use your weeding tool, simply touch the tool with the extra weeded vinyl off onto the sticky part and keep all the scraps controlled in one place. This is super helpful with those little itty bitty pieces.

weed tool vinyl cricut

Want more vinyl projects using your Cricut Joy? Check out this post!


Instead of storing our letters in an old box stuffed behind Christmas decorations, we can keep our love letters in a special keepsake box within easy reach now. 
It's so much nicer to have a place to store these letters. Cricut gives endless options for creativity so that you can personalize just about anything! Including a box to hold decades-old letters!

keepsake box

What are you making with your Circut today?

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