Everything Your College-Age Kid Needs To Know Before Moving Into Their First Apartment

College is such an exciting time of life that is full of firsts. First time away from home, first time managing their own schedule, the first time being fully independent. There are lots of baby steps towards independence with the safety net of home that college provides. I think we all remember what it felt like when we moved into our first place. It's exciting with a side of butterflies brought on by adult responsibility. As your college-aged kids prepare to move into their first apartment or rental home, here are the things I would recommend to help them adjust.

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8 Things Your College-Age Kid Needs To Know Before Moving Into Their First Apartment


Document Everything!

It's an exciting time, but don't let the excitement of getting settled stop you from doing this one key thing; document everything! Take a walk around before you start moving in to make note of any issues you see.

Take note of any maintenance issues, cleaning that wasn't done properly before and any pre-existing damage. If you notice anything, make sure you bring it up with the landlord right away. 

You don't want to be responsible for damage your student didn't do. 

Take a video as you walk around and document any of the issues you may see. This can help clarify any issues your student may run into when it comes time to ask for the security deposit back.

Identify the Services You Need to Set Up

Every rental is different. Many apartment complexes will include sewer, water, and garbage, but not all do. Your student may need basic services like internet or gas & electric. These are all a simple phone call or website visit away and should be done before it's dire!

You don't want your student to wait until the last minute to set up their internet and then realize that there are no available service appointments for weeks. That would make college a bit more difficult!


Update Your Address

Your student can easily update their address online with the USPS. It will take just a few seconds for them to get it all set up and this will prevent any disruptions with their bills or subscriptions. 

Renters Insurance

If you are wondering if renters insurance is worth it, it is. It's often very inexpensive and will help bring peace of mind. Check with your insurance company to find if they can insure your young adult. 

If your child is out-of-state for college, your insurance may not cover that area and they can seek out insurance from a different provider. Renters insurance is generally very inexpensive and well worth it in the event of theft or damage.

Introduce Yourself

Encourage your student to introduce themselves to their neighbors. Getting off on the right foot is so important and will help open up a line of communication that may not be there the first time someone is being annoying! 

Creating that relationship also gives you the chance to watch out for one another for suspicious neighborhood activity and will allow you to help watch for packages and drop-offs.


Amazon Prime

Many college students don't have easy access to transportation outside of what is on campus. This can make it more difficult to buy things for their apartment that they didn't know they needed! It can be a lifesaver for food delivery. There are all kinds of Prime Student perks {the discounted membership price for one!} that it's worth it to sign up for their own account. 


Most college students pick their roommates when they move into an apartment or house, which makes having awkward conversations a little bit easier, but they are called awkward for a reason! Make sure your student talks through things like rental payments and how they are planning on splitting utilities as well as things like parties and hosting guests. 

These conversations are much easier to have before the situation arises.

Consider assigning chores for shared spaces and make sure you speak up if an issue arises. Otherwise what could have been an easy conversation could end up in a huge blow up when tempers flare.

Know How to Contact the Landlord

Make sure your student knows who to contact and how if there is an issue. The landlord is there to help and should be easy to contact with any issues. 

Is there anything else I should add to this list? I'd love to hear your tips!

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