Fall grass wreath inspired by the JuJu hat

I just love it when I have a vision and it turns out as awesome as I hoped it would.  This fall grass wreath is one of those awesome visions that turned out even better than I hoped.  If you follow me on Instagram, you got a sneak peek not too long along.   I'm not sure you can get a full grasp of the scale of this thing from this picture though.

pampas grass wreath tutorial

There.  Can you see how massive this is? It's probably about four feet in diameter! It's pretty impressively amazing.

I ended up hanging it on my back patio under the covered part in hopes that it will survive the winter.  Plus it looks pretty amazing right there don't you think?

pampas grass wreath

Want to know what inspired this vision that I had?  It may have also required a little sneaky pruning outside of a local neighborhood.

Fall Grass Wreath Inspired by Juju Hat but at a Fraction of the Cost!

easy fall wreath to make

How cool are these grass plants.  I have no idea what they are, but they seem to grow pretty well around our area.  This plant is probably about 12 feet tall.

pampas grass

I was seeing the JuJu hat trend around the interwebs and I was crushing on this knock off.  I love Africa and these JuJu hats were amazing, but since a) I have no plans of returning to Africa in the near future b) the cost to knock them off was unbelievable {like supplies cost around $150!}, my brain started working on a plan c. Plan c stands for cheap.  

juju hat

Now, I know this isn't a JuJu hat knock off, but seeing the grass driving home from church one Sunday had me thinking that the grass strands and I thought they looked a little bit like the feathers used in the JuJu hats, so I considered it my inspiration.

pampas grass wreath tutorial

The wreath was exceptionally easy to create.  I clipped about two dozen grass stems and then hot glued them down to a large round that I cut out of cardboard. Once the base was in place, I didn't even need to glue the stems on anymore, I could simply slide them in.  I'm not going to lie, it was super messy.  There was grass fluff flying every where, which I why this ultimately ended up outside.  But I think it's the perfect place for it!

pampas grass wreath tutorial

Do you ever get inspired by a current trend and go with a plan c for cheap like I did on this project? I want to see your projects!  

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