I am thankful for...a free printable paper chain

I'm a sucker for a beautifully set table.  Though I have a confession. This is the first time I've taken out my great aunt's silver since I've had it and I only have one of these place settings, though I do love this pattern on the plate don't you? I also don't have enough matching glasses for our whole family. Hostess extraordinaire I am not!

Though if I could, I would set the dining room table like this and leave it. But right now it looks silly with only one place set. I digress...

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to set a fancy table complete with napkin rings. I love taking the time to reflect on the things that we are thankful for. I created a free printable for you that can double as a napkin ring for your fancy table and that can later on be made into a paper chain to display all of the things that you and your family are thankful for.

Free "I Am Thankful For..." Thanksgiving Napkin Ring or Paper Chain

i am thankful for free printable

A small piece of tape holds this napkin ring together.  Once you take the napkin ring off, you can write what you are thankful for, untape it, and piece it back together again with another ring, making a chain of thankfulness.

I used this large hand drawn flourish from Lace and Yarn and designed the rest in the Silhouette software. I'm offering it to you to download for free, so that you can use it for your Thanksgiving table.

You can download the file here. I printed it out on card stock, though you could use any kind of paper that you think would work best. Each page prints out four strips of paper for the chain.

Let's count our many blessings this Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?

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