Gift ideas for creatives for under $20!

Growing up I was always creating and crafting. I remember early on taking empty Kleenex boxes and creating doll houses out of them. I had a small sewing kit and I hand stitched clothes for my kitten. I used my moms sewing machine in middle school and created hair scrunchies for every outfit and I signed up for art class that I was offered at school.

I loved to create.

I still love to create! It's just part of what I enjoy doing. So if you are like me, I put together a list of gift ideas for creatives. The best part is, that all of these ideas cost under $20.

Watercolor set I took a watercolor class from Lucy at Craftberry Bush earlier this year. It was so much fun! And while I'm not coming to a gallery near you, I do enjoy watercolor painting every now and then.

Letter and number stamped punch set I love my punch set. I've used it for several projects including these hand stamped initial necklaces. There are lots of projects out there to be hand stamped!

Prisma Color Black Markers I love a good pen. These fine tip marker pens are my favorite. They are perfect for hand lettering and doodling.

Tombow dual brush markers I'm so glad the adult coloring book craze is sweeping the nation. I've been a closet colorer for decades! These are by far my favorite markers to use. They are like butter with no bleeding through the paper.

20 Ways to Draw a Doodle book When I take notes I usually doodle in the margins. I love learning new techniques for doodling.
The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering Chalk lettering is hot right now. Learn how to chalk letter like a pro!
Washi Tape Crafts I don't know a single crafter who doesn't love washi tape. This book has hundreds of ideas and the best part is, the supplies are included!
Splendid Cities coloring book. I just picked up a Seattle city coloring book at our local Costco and have had my best time coloring that. This coloring book series is the perfect way to create your own souvenir from a favorite vacation spot.
Hand Lettering book Like watercolor and chalk lettering, hand lettering is super hot right now. I would love to know how I can create fun hand lettering projects and I bet other creatives out there would too!
There you have it! A collection of some of the best gifts for those creatives that are on your Christmas list all under $20! Just in case you missed it, I also compiled a list for the creative kids in your life. You can find that here.
I would love to hear if you have anything to add. What's on your list?
disclaimer: there may be affiliate links in this post. If you click on them and order, I may receive a small commission.  Remember though, I will only share what I love.

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