Creative Gift Ideas for Kids Under $20!

I don't know about you, but some of my favorite gifts for kids are the ones that keep them occupied for hours and inspire them to use their imagination. 
I have a bachelors degree in child development and I could go on and on and about how important it is for you to give your children toys that teach, but I know you already know that already! While your kids are busy fine tuning their fine motor skills and beefing up their hand eye coordination, they are also using the creative side of their brains and engaging in learning.
I have hand picked eight creative gift ideas that I promise you will engage kids of all ages and might encourage a skill or two that can become a lifelong passion.

Play-Doh celebration cupcake set
My kids that are 10 and 13 can still play for hours with Play Doh! I love the many different sets that are out there for play. I know that even without a set, my kids gravitate towards making food with their Play Doh, so I know that when I got this set, that they would spend hours creating.
Perler beads
These are a staple in my house. We have thousands of Perler beads that have provided hours of fun. As the kids get older, they get more creative with them.
Klutz Window Art Kit
My daughter received this kit for a birthday gift about five years ago, and the techniques are similar to stain glass window creation. It's pretty awesome the art that she's been able to make with this kit.
Peel N Stick mosaic sticker art
When we travel, we almost always buy a sticker art set that will keep the kids occupied for hours. They are fairly self contained, don't create much mess and can be started and completed in an afternoon.
Lettering in Crazy Style
Hand lettering is all the craze right now. While I haven't personally tried this book, I know it's a book that would grab my 13 year old daughters attention.
Klutz Tiny Stitches Embroidery kit
We have a similar kit. Again, embroidery hoop art is really hot right now. Kids like being able to create what they see in real life, so this is sure to be hours of fun.
My son learned how to make Paracord bracelets in Boy Scouts and he loves learning new techniques. No need to buy a book. You Tube is full of tutorials on how to make Paracord creations.

Spa La La Bath kit
What kid doesn't love bath time? Mine still do! They love it even more when they are able to make their own bath fizzies and bubble bath. You can even supplement this with homemade makeup and beauty products that come from supplies you have in your kitchen. I have a whole Pinterest board full of ideas.
I hope you have a few ideas for those creative kids in your life. You don't even need a book or a craft kit. You can always throw some supplies together in a basket that you have created yourself. 
I would love to hear what some of your kids favorite creative crafts are. Do they like Perler beads and Play Doh as much as my kids? Or would they prefer colored pencils and some drawing paper?
disclaimer: there may be affiliate links in this post. If you click on them and order, I may receive a small commission.  Remember though, I will only share what I love.

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