Holiday Gift Guide for Teens and Young Adults

Shopping for teens and young adults can leave you staring blank-faced at a computer screen as you try to decide what to click on. I know I've seen a few trends that leave me wondering, but with "kids" in my life ranging from 16-23, I have a little bit of experience knowing what teens and young adults are really hoping to find in their stockings or under the tree. Here are some of the best gifts you could get for the teens or young adults in your life.

holiday gift guide for teens and young adults

Holiday Gift Guide for Teens and Young Adults


Cast-Iron Skillet

As your kids start moving out of the house, they are going to want to try to stock their kitchen. This is a great cast-iron skillet that they will have for a lifetime. 

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

I purchased one of these off of a wedding registry. Coffee, especially cold brew, is popular right now. 

Left Center Right

This game is super fun to play with a crowd. Teens and young adults love adding money to the pot to make it a bit more interesting! 

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

We played this game non-stop last holiday season. It's great when you have kids dropping in!

Packing Cubes

If there's one thing teens and young adults do a lot of, it's packing and unpacking. These packing cubes are my favorite! 


Got kids who misplace stuff? These AirTags will help them keep track of their items.

Inflatable Paddle Board

They are really small for storage and easy to take with you places. 

Inflatable Kayak

This one gets great reviews as a double, or as a single 


Good luggage will last for years! I'm still a big fan of the soft-sided carry on, but many in this generation like the hard-sided bags. 


This one is lightweight, super portable and can hold up to 500 pounds! They are great for kids who like being outside, especially if their friends have one too! Or buy the double!


Every teen or young adult I know carries a backpack. Get a good one they can use for overnights or for school or heck, even for their first job. 

Bubi Water Bottle

These silicone water bottles are collapsible for easy transport. They will insulate for hot or cold and flip inside out so you can easily clean them. You can use it as a hot or cold compress {dual duty!}. You can even use it as dry storage to keep valuables safe if you don't have a dry bag. The small roll-and-go makes it easy to take just about anywhere without taking up a lot of space.


Holiday Gift Guide For the Guys

Duke Cannon products come highly rated for men's bath and body products. This four-pack of soap could be perfectly divided up in stockings. 

Ball Wash 

The name is pretty crass, but I hear it's pretty awesome. And if it will get your teen boys to wash up, then why not?


For all those manscaping needs. They would never ask for this, but they would appreciate it.


Another highly rated underwear that, I'm told, feels like you aren't wearing anything at all. 

Allett Hybrid Slim Wallet

This slim wallet is perfect for the guy who likes to keep their wallet in the front pocket. RFID technology keeps everything safe.

Add in a Micro Pen that slips inside the Allett wallet and you'll never be left without a pen again. 

young adult gifts to give


Holiday Gift Guide For the Girls


A cross between and jacket and a sweatshirt, shakets are really big this year. This one on Amazon is cute and comes highly rated. 

style witch hair products

Style Witch Hair Products

This exclusive product line was created in Seattle by a master stylist and salon owner. The products are clean and contain natural and organic ingredients. 

Clothes Steamer

No one likes to iron, but a clothes steamer? Now that's fun! Plus, it gets those wrinkles out without damaging clothes. 

Silk Pillowcase

You can find these for under $10, and girls love them because they protect your skin and hair. 

I think a lot of people have realized in the past few years how important the people you love are. Many people are over the overconsumption, and want to give experiences, so here are some fun experience ideas for teens and young adults.


Experience  Ideas for Teens and Young Adults

  • Ski Passes
  • A family vacation
  • Start a Retirement Account or help with investing
  • Tickets to a live performance
  • Sports Event Tickets
  • Monthly Subscription Boxes so they can learn a new skill
  • Airfare vouchers
  • State or National Park Passes
  • TSA Pre-check or Global Entry
gifts that keep giving teens

Gifts that Keep on Giving for Teens and Young Adults

  • Costco or Sam's Club Membership
  • Nursery {as in plants!} Gift Cards
  • Pet Products 
  • Gas Gift Cards
  • Subscription Boxes

What else would you add to the list? I hope you've found a unique gift or two to help make holiday shopping easier for you!

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