Bucket List

I am not getting any younger, so I have decided to compile a little bucket list. Blogging has opened a lot of doors for me, who knows, maybe I'll be able to share some of these bucket list experiences with you.

A water walk in Africa was on my list

My blog has always been focused on real people that I have met while I travel, real projects that I like to craft and DIY and real life as I parent and launch children and do my best to be a wife to my husband. The items on this list are a reflection of those values.

They are in no particular order.

1. Take a hot air balloon ride at sunrise
Scheduled! November 2023

2. Go on an African Safari with my whole family
Not the WHOLE family, but the trip is planned for November 2023, and I'm pretty excited to share it with my husband of 25 years!

On safari in the Masai Mara...but I didn't have my family.

✅3. Get published in a magazine 
This post was published in the summer 2023 issue of Country Sampler Farmhouse Edition

✅4. Vacation in Italy
One of our favorite family vacations to date!

5. Float in the Dead Sea

✅6. Go whale watching in the San Juan's
We had such a fun trip to the San Juan Islands and I can't wait to go back again soon!

✅7. Write a book
I wrote The Ultimate Garage Sale Handbook and I promise you, it will pay for itself in a weekend!

✅8. Go to a Broadway show in NYC
We made the most of a quick trip to NYC and saw The Book of Mormon. 
I've bought a few backpacking bags at garage sales, but I have yet to actually backpack overnight.
See also #13...not sure I'm up for it.

11. Live in a different country for at least 3 months
After a trip to France in May 2022, I have the area in mind I want to stay in.

12. Go Bamboo rafting

✅13. Go camping for more than 2 nights
We took a beautiful hike, but I probably don't have to camp in a tent and sleep on the ground again. 

14. Take swimming lessons

15. Bathe an elephant

16. Make paper

✅17. Work on a pottery wheel
I took 2 6-week sessions and I liked it. Not the most relaxing teacher to learn from but I learned some good skills.

18. Attend a film premiere

19. Sing Karaoke
Still just sitting on the sidelines for this!

20. Drink tea at a tea house

21. Go wine tasting

22. Be present at a birth

✅23. Participate in a cultural ceremony
On a trip to Bangladesh, I got to participate in a royalty ceremony in an indigenous community. It was one of the highlights of my life. 

✅24. Complete a ropes course
This was a fun one to do with my teen in Squamish, BC

✅25. Go snowshoeing
After which my son promptly broke his arm sledding down a hill!

26. Try an Ariel yoga class

27. Ride in a gondola

✅28. Ride in a Tuk Tuk
Got to ride a rickshaw in Bangladesh and while I know it's not the same thing, I'm checking it off!

29. Celebrate a holiday in a different country

30. Go sandboarding

31. Listen to jazz in the French Quarter

32. Sleep in an over water bungalow

33.Explore the Galapagos Islands

✅34. Adopt a shelter pet
We adopted Frankie, who was a backyard breeding dog who had quite the story before coming to us. She's now living her best life and we are so happy to have her!

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