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20 White Elephant Gifts You Will Want to Keep

I love a good white elephant gift exchange. It seems like every holiday season we get invited or go to at least one of these themed type parties. If you have never participated in a white elephant exchange, let me explain what one is. There aren't really any hard and fast rules to the exchange but there is usually a price limit that is set {typically under $20}. The organizer sometimes sets up special instructions, such as bring a gift that is funny or impractical. Most times the only rule is that the gift must be interesting. There are often other house rules to follow on the acquisition of the gift but they almost always start with the gifts being generically wrapped and placed in a pile in the center of your group. Every game is different with gifts being opened and stolen in an attempt to acquire the best white elephant gift that has been brought to the exchange.  I scrolled for hours looking for 20 white elephant gifts I thought would be fun for you to bring to your next white elephant gift exchange. Come see what I came up with. You are going to want to end up with your own gift at the end of the evening!

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Create a Holiday Bacon Bar and Enter to Win a Year of Bacon

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This is a sponsored post for Smithfield written by me. All opinions are 100% my own.

I think bacon is at an all time high in the popularity contest. I don't know a single person who doesn't love bacon. Not one. Which is why it's often at the top of my list as an ingredient in my holiday appetizers. It seems like friends and family are gathering often this time of year and food is usually at the center of it all. I am always looking for those crowd pleasers and bacon never disappoints! I've partnered with Smithfield to share some ways that you can treat your family and friends to easy-to-make, delicious bacon recipes. Smithfield has created a fun twist on holiday entertaining that you can recreate at home. It's easy for you to create your own Bacon Bar with free printable labels, decor ideas and recipe instructions so you can give your Bacon Bar a personal touch. You can even enter to win one Smithfield Bacon For a Year coupon booklet valued at $300! Just keep reading and I will tell you how!

8 Tips For Staying Connected To Your Tween

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This is a sponsored post by The Carpet and Rug Institute. All opinions are 100% my own.

When my kids were younger I used to be afraid of the teen years. Parents would always talk about them like they were the worst years you could imagine. Your sweet loving hand-holding kids would suddenly be full of hormones and mood swings and your home would be filled with door slamming and curse words. I feel like there are a lot of negative perceptions about parenting during the teen years and it's safe to say now that I am knee deep in them and have two teenagers myself {with one more in the tween pipeline}, they have been some of my favorite years of parenthood.  I think that by facing those fears head on when your children are tweens you can connect with them and prevent some of the rougher issues ahead. While the tween years can be a time when kids start to pull away, I have a few tips for you to still stay connected so that you can enjoy those teen years with your children and not enter into them with fear and trepidation. It's possible to still get in quality time with your children as they grow older and I'm sharing my 8 tips on how to do that and provide them with a soft place to land as their world starts to get more complex.

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Loaded Sweet Potato Bites

Did Thanksgiving catch any of you by surprise? It seemed to sneak right up on us and now once that holiday comes and goes, it starts the flow of non-stop parties and events until well after the new year. I'm often asked to bring an appetizer either to meals or to a gathering, so I put together this appetizer of loaded sweet potato bites. They are the perfect mouthful of yummy goodness. Make these for game day, Christmas day, or any day because they are just that good!
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Creating a Wall Hanging from a Placemat

A few weeks ago, I completed decorating my son's bohemian bedroom on a budget. I was able to stay on budget because there were many handmade elements that went into creating this room, including using a placemat I found on clearance at Target as a wall hanging. For under $3, I created a piece of art that adds texture and makes a statement on the wall. I'm showing you just how you can do it too!

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