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5 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Activia. All opinions are 100% mine.
This post brought to you by Activia. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Rachel Teodoro.

Just before I turned 30, I decided to start running. I hadn't spent any time working out before but I knew I needed to start forming some healthy habits. I had little eyes watching and I wanted to be healthy so that I could be around and active for a long time. I realized that walking was too slow. I didn't love running but I love efficiency and getting from point A to point B was much faster if I picked up the speed. I also loved the end result. The finish line after months of training and the check list of runs under my belt is satisfying, but no matter how many good runs I have it's always the bad ones that are at the forefront of my mind. The inner critic comes out and starts in on it's conversation that rolls through my mind. Running for me is just as much a mental activity as it is a physical activity.

I have to work to silence that inner critic and find that inner strength to push through. Activia created an Inner Voice Interview asking women to share some of their goals and questioned what was holding them back from accomplishing them. The answer 80% of the time was themselves. Let's be stronger than the inner critic, here are a few quick tips and tricks that might help you too regardless if you are running your first 5K or if you are taking on a new goal or project.

Fixer Upper Spin-Off Behind the Design

Just yesterday, I was scrolling through Instagram and saw Joanna Gaines making a little announcement. OK, maybe it's not so little. HGTV has decided to give Joanna Gaines a little spin-off show of her own called Fixer Upper Behind the Design. Fixer Upper has easily become HGTV's biggest success with viewers who not only love the witty banter and loving way this couple relates to one another, but they are loyal fans who flock from miles away to visit a town on the map called Waco to a store named Magnolia Market that is dotted with a rusty hunk of metal silos. I have heard time and time again from people who say "I wish they would come and do my house!" There has even been a recent trend of people moving to Waco with the desire just to be a part of the show. What I find most interesting about this new spin-off show and what viewers may not know, is that when you agree to be on Fixer Upper, you agree to give up control of the design to the Design Team. Would you be willing to go all in with a budget for your dream home and give up complete control?

Bacon Cheese Soup Recipe

If I had to pick a favorite kind of food, it would be soup. There are so many different ways to make soup tailored to fit everyone's taste buds. From a hearty meal to a light refreshing healthy food choice, soup can fit any need. This bacon cheese soup isn't the lowest calorie soup recipe you will find, but it sure is yummy! And I always find that some soups, like this one, taste even better when reheated the next day. This delicious creamy thick soup will promise to be a filling crowd pleaser.

The Best Dessert Recipes and Create Link Inspire Party

Welcome to another week of the create, link, inspire link party. I hope you find inspiration here every week and that you check back often for ideas. I'm always impressed with what gets linked up and I always add a handful of crafts, DIY's and recipes to my to do list.  

This week, I'm sharing my favorite dessert recipes. I'm a huge fan of dessert and looking at all the amazing things that were linked up last week, I kept getting drawn in too all the yummy goodness. I bet you find a new family favorite in this list.  

Faux Shiplap: DIY Sharpie Shiplap and Painted Shiplap Tutorial

Before Joanna Gaines made shiplap a household name, I was in love with the trend. Seabrook is one of my favorite beach towns in Washington mostly because the homes and community are so charming. I think visiting Seabrook for the first time is when I saw shiplap used on walls in person. I loved the coastal vibe that it gives and the clean white lines make me swoon. I've been trying to convince my husband for years to put it up {it took me 15 years to get the board and batten installed that I had begged for} and I can't seem to be making any headway. His response is always, "why would you want to nail a bunch of boards to the wall?" Well, my friends, I think I may have stumbled upon the most genius solutions for you. I've got two different faux shiplap options. Yep, no wood boards, just paint or marker made to look like shiplap. You get the farmhouse or coastal look without the commitment that comes with nailing boards to your wall. Are you ready to see how you can create Sharpie shiplap or painted shiplap in your own home?

faux shiplap, fixer upper style, gaines, chip and joanna knock off

fixer upper, shiplap, DIY, faux shiplap, chip and joanna gaines

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