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8 Things Moms Should Know Before Their Child Get Braces

When my oldest son got braces, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't have braces when I was a kid so the whole process was new to me. Now after having three kids in braces and then going through a treatment of Invisalign myself, I feel like an old pro! I'm sharing 8 things that moms should know before their children get braces so that you can feel more prepared. If you had braces yourself, this may be a refresher, and if you didn't, this post will be a huge help for your to be as prepared as you can be.

Homemade Blueberry Muffins

I love most fruit but blueberries are not my favorite. I can't just pop them in like candy like some people can. However, I do love them cooked into a pancake or a muffin. I love them especially when they are warm and the juice just explodes in your mouth! This blueberry muffin recipe is very basic and super simple. It's the perfect recipe for your kids to try their hand at making too. Get those kids baking in the kitchen and giving them the skills they need to help them feel more confident. 
homemade, fresh, local ingredients

Getting Your HVAC Ready for Summer

We are finally bursting through from the wettest rainy season in Seattle history. Many people have been describing this month as Mayuary. Even those die hard rain lovers are feeling like it's been enough already. I feel like this has been a sentiment I've been saying for months. I'm over it.  I'm not from the Pacific Northwest. I moved here 18 years ago, but before that, the first half of my life was spent in Indiana. The heartland. Know what I thought was totally crazy when I moved to the Seattle area? Less than 10% of homes in Seattle have air conditioning. You are more likely to have a boat than to have central air. Crazy right?! 

Our area is definitely the minority, and about this time last year, we jumped into that 10%. We struggled every summer trying to get comfortable enough to sleep at night. We were setting alarms to go downstairs early enough to open all the windows to capture as much cold air as we could before sealing up the house tight, closing curtains and locking everyone inside, for fear that we would release any of the cold morning air that we hoped would keep us cool through the heat of the day. It would be freezing cold in the morning, but by late afternoon on a hot day, the temperature in our home would creep up in the high 80's. There were days when it was cooler outside than it was inside.

Memorial Day Ideas Plus Create Link Inspire Party

Welcome to another week of the create, link, inspire link party. I hope you find inspiration here every week and that you check back often for ideas. I'm always impressed with what gets linked up and I always add a handful of crafts, DIY's and recipes to my to do list.  

This week I'm sharing Memorial Day Ideas. I love celebrating Memorial Day with a BBQ and some time playing outside. I've even got some DIY patriotic crafts you can make with your kids or on your own. If you are camping this coming weekend, I've even got some camping hacks. So don't miss this week's post!

Updating a 90's Model Home Living Room Reveal

You've heard the saying "form over function" haven't you? I don't have a hard time believing that, and didn't really question the phrase until I met my engineer husband. He's a very rational thinker that sees the saying in the opposite way. I remember the year after we purchased our first home, in our Christmas letter, he wrote this:

In March {2001} we took a giant leap and bought our first house.  After months of searching, we finally found a place that we love, and eagerly (i.e. as fast as our legs would carry us) moved from our apartment.  Rachel was elated at the prospect of adding colors to brighten up the rooms, and skillfully argued her case over Mike’s objections, himself having grown up in a house where any wall that wasn’t white was probably just dirty.  They say a man’s home is his castle, and Mike is now the proud ruler over a Toasty Gray kitchen, an English Rose family room, and a Khaki den. 

The mention of Mike's objections is all in jest, but it was the first time my eyes were opened to seeing a home as a very utilitarian space that wasn't necessarily a soft place to land, but was rather a warm box that could shelter you from the elements. It was form follows function and is was a way to look at design that I had never seen before. 

Several months ago, I offered to hold the hand of a friend of mine who doesn't necessarily think she has an eye for design. This family is in the process of launching children and they very much hold the form follows function mentality. Which could also be described as "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Welp, something broke and they were left trying to decide how to fix it.

The much-used fireplace in their home exploded when the oldest boys were home leaving them with a gaping hole blasting cold air at the height of winter. They saw their fireplace as a very functional piece in their home's design and it was no longer functional. The need to replace the fireplace sent this family into complete remodeling mode with a desire to update the room of their home that has become such an important space for this family of five.

The remodel is finally complete and I am excited to share how the vision to brighten the space and most importantly, adding in a new fireplace insert that is safe and functional, has become a reality. 

I can't believe what a difference some of the changes have made. I think it's safe to say that this 90's model home has moved into the modern era while still carrying over the design thought that form follows function. Some see the updates that were made!

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