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Tips for Surviving a Long Haul Flight

The worst part of travel for most people is getting there. I don't know too many people who like long-haul flights. I've flown my fair share and after a few 10+ hour flights, you get to be an expert. That doesn't mean all flights go by in the blink of an eye, some drag on forever, but these tips should help you survive a long flight with your sanity in tact ready to enjoy your final destination.

Painting a Room Navy

I'm not afraid of color. I'm pretty sure every room in our old house was some different color. We even had a red bathroom. But I do love neutrals. Our whole house is fairly neutral but I am getting an itch to paint a room navy blue. I've been seeing navy as a home painting trend for awhile now. I know I want to paint my dining room, and I've started narrowing down colors, but I think navy can be tricky. I don't want it to be too blue or too black or too light or too dark. I want it to be perfect. So I started looking around because I thought if I saw a paint color I loved in someone's home, maybe I would find the right one. So here I am, narrowing down my options so I can paint a room navy and sharing some inspiration with you. I'd love to hear your opinions, especially if you've painted a room navy before. 

Getting the Most out of Your First Home Security System

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This is a sponsored post for MONI Smart Security. All opinions are 100% my own. 

One time, my dad was painting the dining room when two police officers suddenly appeared inside the house. We had just moved into a new home with a security system and had not a single clue how to use it. My dad had pushed the window open for some air and a silent alarm went off, alerting the police. This happened not just once but twice before my parents decided to cut the service. We just couldn't figure out how to make a security system work for our family; we had too many false alarms. Fast forward to several decades later, I now have a home and three kids of my own and it's my desire to make our house a safe and secure place for my family to land. We want to be able to have worry-free holidays away and feel secure when we are at home. I'll be honest though, there was a little bit of an adjustment, but here are some tips on how we learned how to get the most out of our first home security system. 

I Tried the Instant Pot and I am Not Sold

Last year for Christmas I got an Instant Pot. I asked for one after hearing everyone sing it's praises. It didn't take me long to unbox it, but then I struggled. I'm still struggling. If there is one thing I tell those who ask about it, it's that the learning curve is steep. So here is what I think about the Instant Pot one year later with my complete review.

How to Get Started with Your Letterboard

I've always been a fan of a good quote. In high school I filled my wall with some of my favorites. I think it's because I'm a big fan of words. I love how you can put together words and create a statement that is so profound that it makes you stop and think. I also like it when words can make you take a breath and laugh. It's probably why I have been loving this letterboard trend. I just jumped on the bandwagon and in case you did too, I'm going to share some tips on how you can get started with your letterboard. I know...probably my first step would be to get some punctuation! Just ignore my lack of a question mark will ya.

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