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Bohemian Bedroom on a Budget

We have been doing a little bit of a room switch around our house lately. My oldest son moved out of the house to attend college and my daughter made a switch into his much larger bedroom. {In case you missed it, you can see her complete silver and white glam bedroom transformation in this post.} In the midst of the move, we had bags full of clothes and treasures of my son's to donate and the things he really wanted to hang on to got moved down into his new room. It sat unfinished for weeks until I decided what I wanted to do with the room. My son would prefer decorating in flags and Americana. He requested the cheap tourist framed constitution that he picked up at a yard sale be hung on the wall. I decided that I get to over rule him since he's gone nine months out of the year. Since I walk past the room every day, I wanted something I would like to look at but that was still masculine enough that he felt like he still had ownership of the room when he came home even though we really know whose room it really is.

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Like nearly all my DIY projects, the room make over was done on a budget using many items I already had in my home. The rest of the items I either made or found at Goodwill outlet or on clearance at Target. I did the total room redo for $135 and I'm going to show you how!

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Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Pasta

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Pasta and chicken. Those two items are staples in our family's meal rotation. We are a busy family that doesn't have a lot of time to prepare fussy meals. I need something that's quick to make and it's a bonus if I am able to prepare the ingredients ahead of time. Chicken and pasta are two ingredients that I can do that with. I can prep this meal in the afternoon or the day before and it still tastes fresh when I reheat it in the skillet with the fresh sauce. It's one of the new comfort food dishes that our family is turning to {here's another}. I'm excited to be partnering with Foster Farms Simply Raised Chicken to share this recipe with you.

Recently, Foster Farms commissioned a National survey to find out what people are looking for in their new comfort food dishes. Our family is part of the 80% of Americans that are turning to chicken as a staple for their comfort food meals and are prioritizing chicken raised with no antibiotics, hormones or steroids. It's important to me to put the best foods that will provide the best fuel for my active growing children, while still providing the comforts of a home cooked meal.  Comfort food to me is a home cooked meal shared with the people that I love using local, fresh ingredients, like tomatoes from my garden and Foster Farms Simply Raised chicken from the West Coast, that are easy to prepare and easy to enjoy!

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I'm excited to share with you how you can make this sun-dried tomato chicken pasta with a few different variations and ideas for your family. It's sure to become a favorite!

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How to Apply to College and Stay Organized Too!

Last year, at about this time, we were awaiting the final results for the ACT that my oldest son had just taken. We spent his junior year of high school researching schools and going to college fairs. Once the test results were in, my son could start applying for college. His options were wide open and while he didn't have a laser focus on any one school, he did have it narrowed down to 11 different universities that he wanted to submit a college application to. Most counselors recommend applying to 5-8 different universities. Without really knowing how much financial aid or scholarships he would qualify for, we had not only safety schools {those he knew he had a fairly good chance of getting into} for academics, we also had financial safety schools {those we knew we could afford even if he didn't get any scholarships}.  He also had a few reach schools {those that would be challenging to get into, but were realistic enough that he should apply based on his grades and test scores}. Keeping all of the applications straight was getting to be overwhelming. So, like a true engineer, my husband created a spreadsheet to keep all of the details straight. We have been asked for this spreadsheet a few times from friends, and thought that it may just be helpful to pull it together and offer it up to all of you.

5 Games Our Family Loves

We love spending time as a family, but the older the kids get, sometimes the harder it is to entice them to hang out with us. We usually suggest playing a game with them. Especially if we want to get the kids off of a screen and doing something with their brains. Usually, they start playing a game and hardly realize that the game they are playing is actually educational! I've put together a list of 5 of our favorite family games. These games are ones that we can play over and over again and not get bored with. They are also great games to play for all ages. The fun spans from 8-80 years old! Maybe one of your family favorites is on the list. Or, maybe you will find a new family favorite. Who knows!

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22+ Last Minute Halloween Costumes

I work really well at the last minute. I rarely think ahead and I am usually of the mindset to use what you have rather than buy new. Halloween is just around the corner and maybe your kids have told you what they want to be and you have been sewing and crafting your little heart out to create it. Or maybe you are like me and you assume that they will figure something out. I'm hoping I released you of a little parenting guilt when I wrote 5 things you DON'T have to do this fall.  Regardless, Halloween is creeping up on us and your kids are needing something to dress up in so they can to door to door to collect free candy that you can sneak after they are in bed. I've got a collection of last minute Halloween costumes you can throw together. Heck, it may just make you look like you planned ahead when you really didn't. I promise I won't tell!

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