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We took advantage of the long weekend and headed out of town. Can you guess where we went?

It has trolley's (or are they called cable cars?)

Yummy fresh sourdough bread (no one can stop eating for long enough to smile!)

and so much rolling fog that it covers up any evidence of it's world famous bridge.

It even has a prison known as "the rock". Any guesses? Yep, we went to San Francisco. We were so thankful to get the time to not only celebrate my husband's grandmother's 90th birthday, but to also tour the city a bit. It's a beautiful city and we hope to have more time to spend there sometime.

In the meantime, back at the ranch, we are still chugging along in the selling of our home. Did I mention that we sold our home on the first day to the first people who walked through the door ABOVE our asking price??? We were thrilled. We continue to walk through the process of paperwork, and hope to sign the closing papers at the beginning of next month. But really, with a view of Mt. Rainier like this, who wouldn't want to buy it?!

We will miss our first home tremendously, but after a decade there (the longest I have ever lived anywhere before!), it was time to move on. My husband and I both felt like we would be more emotional about leaving our first home behind but we haven't been. How did you feel packing up your first home?

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Chrissy said...

San Fransisco! yay - awesome!

Well, it's always hard to let go...and emotional...but on the other hand you are looking forward to new adventures and that's why it isn't that hard in the end!

Congrats on that super fast sale!

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