Kelty Photo shoot-on location TODAY!

Nearly three years ago, our family had the opportunity to "model" (we use the term loosely) for Kelty camping gear.  You can read more about our experience here.
My sister in law has all kinds of connections, and this opportunity was one of those connections.

Kelty camping gear was looking for an active family of four with two kids between the ages of 2-10.  They wanted parents between the ages of 28-35.  We applied for the job, thinking that since we had 3 kids between those ages, it was a bonus!  Thankfully, they thought so too.

Here are a few pictures from our first photo shoot in 2009.
Notice that there is never a picture that you will see all three kids in.

This picture ended up on a box for sleeping bags.

This picture was on the box for the tent.

We were excited when the photographer told us that Kelty specifically asked to use our family again for their new line of camping gear coming out next spring.
Today, we are pretend camping on the coast, hoping to get some great shots that Kelty can use for their newest line up of packaging.
I'll let you know when it hits the stores so you can go check us out.
Most of our friends that know us well, see the irony in the fact that our non-camping family represents a large camping company.  
Just in case you were wondering, advertising is all a lie.
OK, maybe that's a bit harsh, but it is a little bit of smoke and mirrors.
Another case in point, my oldest son did a series of commercials for a local mattress store.  The commercials aired in California, Washington, Idaho and Oregon.
{update: it's now gone national}
And no, he's not a foster child.
He just plays one on TV.


Heidi Lisa said...

Uh! I like this series of photos! I have hardest time photographing people - my shyness kicks in.
You should share them on my Click Away Monday! said...

Can't wait to see my favorite photogenic family coming to my local Target again! ;)

Unknown said...

This is why I envy people lucky enough to have kids a little bit. I'm in no rush to have my own family, but seeing scenes like this almost makes me want to think about becoming a foster parent bristol.

Unknown said...

There are also hospice care centers who offers activities just like this one for the elderly to keep them fit and oriented about what's happening and how to enjoy their surroundings.

Gracie Ray

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