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Life was easier when my kids all liked watching the same TV show. Arthur on PBS was quite captivating to all three of them far longer than my older son {who is now 16} would probably like to admit.  We were a one TV family, and haven't had cable for decades {though we do have Netflix streaming now and absolutely love it!}.  You can check out this post on how we are able to survive life without cable.
My husband and I are quite strict about television viewing {garbage in, garbage out} and we do our best to monitor our children's TV watching.  Netflix streaming makes this really easy with custom profiles for each member of the family.  Plus, sometimes the kids watch a show that we hadn't discussed and Netflix does a great job of ratting them out with their recently watched episodes!
My tween daughter Isabella has recently stared venturing out of the public broadcast shows and has been looking for a series that will keep her interest.  There are lots of shows out there, but my husband and I like the ones that are clean and don't have story lines that deal with more mature content than we are ready for just yet!
Isabella recently discovered Mako Mermaids.  A second season of this Netflix original series was just released a few weeks ago.  Isabella has been watching episode after episode and the series has captivated her attention.  But don't take my word for it!  Let me take a second to introduce to you my daughter Isabella with her review.

Hi this is Isabella! When we first got Netflix the shows were endless... but I've managed to make my way through most of the parent approved ones. Sure you can find many great kids shows but are they funny, entertaining and appropriate? The show is about "normal" girls who turn into mermaids after they touch water. But there is a twist. In Mako Mermaids there are also mermen! The girls try to hide their powers from the world but how long can the secret really last? Find out on this new hip show your kids are bound to love. 

What shows does your tween love? If they haven't started watching Mako Mermaids, it's a must watch for sure!

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