5 Easy Hummus Appetizers that Will WOW a Crowd

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Hummus is the go-to snack that I like to have on hand any time there is even a slight chance I might be entertaining. It's one of the most versatile foods known to man. Hummus can be eaten plain or as a single ingredient in a variety of appetizers. It will even make you seem exotic and worldly when you serve it. Like you have a refined palate. People love a good appetizer and you can wow them with these 5 easy hummus appetizers that will make you look like a professional chef. The most difficult decision you'll have to make is to decide which flavor of hummus to use! My favorite Boar's Head Hummus comes in 13 delicious flavors!

The key to happy house guests is to provide them with a variety of appetizers to snack on. To be honest, I'd rather snack on a bunch of small plates of food rather than a heavy meal. Appetizers are kind of my favorite food group. If you tell me you're hosting an appetizer-only dinner party, I'm all in!

cucumber and black olive with hummus recipe

5 Easy Hummus Appetizers that Will WOW a Crowd

recipes using vegetables and hummus

These five appetizers contain hummus. My favorite hummus hands down is Boar’s Head Hummus. It's the most exceptional quality that can be bought leaving you with the most exceptional appetizers that you can serve to your guests. It will have them craving more! Unlike other brands, Boar's Head Hummus has premium steamed chickpeas as the first ingredient.  Boar's Head Hummus is made with Non-GMO verified ingredients, it's all natural and gluten free too!

How to Serve Appetizers

I like to serve my appetizers on a tray or cutting board so that they can easily be moved to wherever I'm entertaining or where my guests move to. A plated appetizer can also be passed around and can easily be restocked if you need a refill.  If you don't have a large tray you can use a large dinner plate. 

Boar's Head Pro-Tip: if you hummus comes with toppings {like the Roasted Red Pepper} mix those toppings in before serving so that you can add even more flavor with every bite!

cucumber hummus recipe

1. Cucumber Hummus Bites

Slice a crisp cucumber into thin rounds. Arrange the cucumber slices on a serving platter and use a small teaspoon to spoon hummus {I like the Boar's Head Roasted Red Pepper Hummus for this} on each slice. Top with a sliced black olive, sprinkle some feta cheese on top and add some fresh parsley. 

2. Cherry Tomatoes filled with Hummus

Cut off the top of a cherry tomato and scoop out the inside. Use a pastry bag to pipe hummus into your tomato. Wow everyone with how delightful and cute these cherry tomatoes are.

appetizer recipe with vegetables and hummus

3. Crudite and Hummus Cups

This is my favorite way to serve hummus. It's especially great if you have a large group because it's an easy make-ahead appetizer. Put 1-2 tablespoons of Boar's Head Traditional Hummus into a small narrow cup {I used those fancy glass yogurt containers}. Slice your veggies {I like using red and yellow peppers, snap peas and long cucumber slices} and place them upright into the dip. 

4. Naan Dippers with Hummus

Heat your naan bread according to the package directions. Top the heated naan with a scoop of hummus {the Boar’s Head Traditional Hummus is perfect for this} and garnish with chopped parsley. You can drizzle olive oil on top just before serving.

hummus stuffed peppers recipe appetizer

5. Feta and Hummus Stuffed Mini Peppers

Halve and seed mini bell peppers. Stir your hummus {I like the Boar's Head Roasted Garlic} and scoop a spoonful into your pepper half. Sprinkle the top with feta and parsley. 

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You can see why hummus is my favorite go-to to have on hand. It's so easy to make a handful of easy appetizers with several different crowd-pleasing variations that you can have ready in a snap! Keep some Boar's Head Hummus in your fridge and you'll be ready to spring into action the next time you get a knock on the door for some unannounced house guests. 

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