How to Find a Hobby as an Adult

The past few years have been weird for me. I have always had my kids at home to fill my time, and with them needing me less {or at all!}, I have found myself with more free time than I ever remember. I have always thought it was important to be intentional with my time, so I have set out to learn a few new skills, some people like to call them hobbies. Whatever. I've actually heard from a few people in a similar life stage as me and they are noticing the void too. So I'm sharing where you can find a hobby as an adult. Read on!


How to Find a Hobby as an Adult


Have you ever had someone ask you what you like to do for fun and you just stare back blankly? 

Yep. Same.

I never know how to answer this. I actually do plenty of fulfilling things {garden, volunteer, deal hunting, and crafts} but I'm not sure what actually qualifies for a hobby.

Is something a hobby when you can buy themed socks and not wear them ironically? 

I think of golf... there are like six million different "golf" things you can buy on Amazon. Or drawing...You can buy drawing pads, drawing books, drawing pencils...I mean, that's got to be a hobby right?

Google tells me that a hobby is an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure.

Well, I've got some newfound leisure time, so I guess I need to hone in on these hobbies.

But Where Do You Start to Look for a Hobby?


Go Back to Your Childhood

Remember way back when. You know, when you didn't have real-life commitments that were driving your time. What were you doing in your free time? Think back to when you were a kid. What did you like to do then and see if that helps spark your interest!

Don't be afraid to try something new!

I love the whole cookie decorating trend. I'm crafty and have a little bit of an artistic flair so I decided to try a cookie decorating class. I was horrible at it. I found it a little frustrating and not a whole lot of fun, but I'm glad I gave it a try. I have a new appreciation for the skill. You may not be great at something, or maybe you will be, who knows, regardless, don't be afraid to try something new!

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

I was often last picked in gym class and was never super athletic or sporty, but as an adult, I started trying out some more athletic activities and found that I wasn't super horrible at them. Take a step out of your comfort zone and it might surprise you!

Try It Out!

I love hands-on classes. I am a visual learner and I do really well in a class learning setting. Here are some places you can try a new hobby in a hands-on way. One of the best things I think the pandemic brought to us, was a new world of opportunity through virtual classes. 

If you are a Seattle local, I love The Works! It's a DIY school for adults and you can take all kinds of different classes. You can try all kinds of different classes from watercolor to tea blending and everything in between!

If you aren't local, you can purchase a DIY kit. The kits all come with incredibly thorough instructional videos that will walk you step by step to help you learn a new skill. 

I tried the cookie decorating kit and it was a ton of fun to try, but I realized it's not my new hobby. But I would have never known had I not given it a try!

I also really like CrateJoy. It's a website full of subscription boxes that can help you find a new skill or hobby to try. There are subscription boxes you can try from craft boxes to gardening boxes and everything in between. 

I'm also a real big fan of the Simple Goodness Sisters Cocktail Farm Club box. There are recipe cards and video tutorials with step-by-step instructions. 

Where To Look To Find a New Hobby

adult hobby and activities

Local Stores

There are a lot of local specialty stores that will offer in-person skills classes. 

Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma often offer cooking classes in their stores.

Many arts and crafts stores offer in-store classes as well. These are often very introductory classes but it helps you decide if you want to explore a hobby a little more closely.

There are also specialty shops that will offer classes as well like your local ceramics or paint shop. 


Bear with me on this one...but Groupon has a section called Fun & Leisure that often has local classes featured at a fraction of the price. Currently, my local Groupon section has pottery classes, glassblowing, and dance classes.

Local Community College

These classes are often called continuing education and are offered as non-credit classes for personal enrichment. They are often offered as several week-long courses taught by highly-trained professionals.

A quick look at one of our local community college continuing education course catalog has classes like fly fishing {followed by optional outdoor hands-on instruction}, introductory music and voice classes, short story, and novel writing, and several photography classes. 

Community Center

When my kids were small, they were often enrolled in community center classes, so this one often goes overlooked. Our local community center often focuses on senior activities, but you will also find adult sports, outdoor adventures, and art classes. 

Join a Group

My husband and kids make fun of me for the number of groups on Facebook that I'm in, but I am a big fan! Joining a group can help you find people in your area that share similar interests. Find a group on Facebook by going to the group tab {the circle on the far right at the top of your profile page} and then go to the far left side and you'll see the word Discover. Click on that and it will give you some group suggestions including the tab "popular near you" which includes groups that people in your area are in.

Ask a Friend

Don't be afraid to ask a friend to teach you something new. Even if they don't want to personally teach you, they can probably point you in the right direction. They can also be a good support to you once you do learn that new skill offering you tried and true advice that can help you get on the path of being an expert in no time.

I'd love to hear what's been successful for you. Come share with me any new hobbies you've recently started and how you found them.

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Jane H said...

Thanks, Rachael, for this post! As a local, and a therapist, I looked into the two suggestions in the Seattle area offering new hobbies - and I plan to use this to suggest to my patients, especially to my older, and recently retired, folks who need to find ways to stay active and creative!

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