Favorite Travel Items I Won't Get on a Plane Without

I've always loved to travel. When I was a kid, we lived in the midwest and most of our trips were road trips. I didn't get on an airplane for the first time until I was in sixth grade! But now, it's not uncommon for me to fly a few times a month somewhere. Sometimes it's a quick flight of only an hour to visit my big kids in Boise, other times, it might be a long international flight. Regardless, these are the items I ALWAYS pack. I wouldn't get on a plane without these!


Top 10 Items This Travel Blogger Won't Leave Home Without!

top favorite travel items

I am a self-proclaimed recovering over packer. Remember the days when no one packed a carry on bag and tried to lug it up over their heads into the overhead bin? Now it's the only way I travel! I hate checking bags because as much as I like being at the airport, I want to be in and out as quickly as possible, not standing at a turnstile hoping I see my bag roll around the carousel. 

All that to say, I also want to make sure I have all the things I need on a trip, so what do I pack every time I travel? I pack these 10 things.

packing cubes travel blogger

1. Packing Cubes

I started using packing cubes a few years ago and it's been a game changer! I feel like I can pack so much more into my carry on suitcase {I rarely check a bag!} when I use packing cubes. As the trip progresses, one of my packing cubes turns into a dirty clothes cube and when I get home, that whole cube just gets easily dumped in the laundry room and the dirty clothes don't mingle in my suitcase with the clean ones.

I bought my packing cubes {surprise surprise!} at a garage sale. My favorite feature is that they are expandable. This may not be a factor for you, but I like being able to change the size of the cube easily. I generally pack three packing cubes in my suitcase for a week. Two are large, one is small and usually holds my underwear and workout gear. This set would be great to share with a friend.

2. Makeup Bag

I have a large makeup bag that holds all my things. When I didn't take as many trips as I do now, I used to repack this makeup bag every single time I would go somewhere. What a chore! Now I keep it stocked with my travel toothbrush {I leave my Sonicare at home and bring this one}, toothpaste, extra contacts, deodorant, all my travel hair products {including shampoos} and extra hair clips and chapstick. 

When I get home from a trip, I top off all the things that I used so when I go on the next trip I can just grab and go with my bag.

3. Small Pill Box

I don't take any medications on the regular, but I often travel without my husband who has the most complete first aid kit you ever did see. When I started traveling without him, I knew I needed to create my own stash. So I have this small pill box and I used a sharpie to write what the meds were on the lid of each compartment. 

What's in my travel medical kit:

Excedrin {sometimes I have to skip my coffee when I travel and that's no bueno!}
Melatonin {10 mg for travel}
Cold/Flu Medication

travel blogger travel essentials

4. Travel Phone Stand

I got this phone stand that folds totally flat a few years ago. Holy cow! What a game changer. I can unfold it in several configurations and it can often slip into the back of the seat or I can unfold it and put it on my tray table. It even comes in handy as a tripod if you are really desperate. 

travel phone stand

I forgot it on a flight recently and I was so very sad. I had to hold my phone in my hand the whole time. Then I tried to prop it up on my coat, but it kept slipping. Seriously, if you want to watch shows on your phone when you fly, this is exactly what you need.

5. True Lime

I got HOOKED on this traveling with Alaska Airlines. They have it and it's the best. I flew a different airline a few weeks ago and I packed it. It was a real game changer. I even shared a few packets with my seat mates because she commented on how good it smelled. It really does taste like lime. Two packets in a glass of ginger ale and you are living life!

true lime

6. Battery Pack

No one wants to be on a trip {especially internationally} with a phone on less than 10%! When you start taking photos and videos, and using your phone for directions, that battery life gets sucked dry. I don't leave home without a battery pack. This is the one we have had for years and it works great! I can get at least two full battery charges for my phone on one charged battery pack. And it's more than five years old! 


7. Water Bottle

Did you know that when you fly domestically you can bring ice through security? You can! I love cold water so I always pack my water bottle with ice before I travel. I hate paying for water, so I often fill up my water bottle for free when I can and I take it with me everywhere. You can save so much money just by having a water bottle with you when you travel.

8. Traveling Socks

I'm always cold, but my feet get especially cold. Even in the summer months or when I travel to warm weather, I pack traveling socks

I also walk a lot when I travel, so it's a given that you should wear good shoes. I also think you need to wear good socks. So many people get hung up on buying good shoes for travel that they forget about packing good socks. These are my favorite ones to wear with tennis shoes. And these are the ones I wear with boots

9. AirPods

I am almost always listening to something. Maybe it's an audiobook or watching a show, but I'm not sure I could travel without my AirPods. If you have an iphone, they just connect so easily!

I could also add in my Apple Watch because I couldn't imagine traveling without it either. I use it as a timer for my photos. 


10. Travel Tripod

I know I do more content creation on trips than the average person, so maybe a travel tripod isn't a necessity. But moms, you are usually the ones snapping the pictures. Why not get IN the picture for once! 

Sometimes I'm traveling by myself {without my IG husband!} and it's awkward to ask people to take my picture, so I use this travel tripod. It even works as a selfie stick too. 

Since that one is a little bulkier, {but honestly not that bulky because it will still fit in a large purse or backpack!}, this one is easier to bring with me. I often adjust it and twist it around a rock or trim branch. 

None of these items are all together bulky and all of them have a use! These are my top 10 travel items. I want to hear what some of yours are!

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