Brands for Resale that Just Don't Sell

One of the most common questions people ask me is how I know what brands to buy to resell them. So to all you resellers purchasing clothing brands to try to resell, you may be shocked to find the ones that make this list! One of the best places to start is by figuring out what brands not to buy. This is why I put together this list of not only the brands to avoid but the reasons why I pass them up every time I see them. Here are six brands that have little to no resale value.


Brands for Resale that Just Don't Sell


When shopping for new clothes, trendy fast-fashion is usually the most affordable option. However, these mass produced clothing items just aren't created to withstand the test of time. Most are poor-quality and made with synthetic materials that should be avoided. That is, if you can also morally brace yourself for the fact that most of these brands are made in sweatshops paying very low wages {how else do you think you could afford an outfit for less than your Starbucks coffee?}.

If you want to get into the clothing reselling game, there is money to be had! Many fashion brands do hold their value and some are even collectable as vintage items. 

Sometimes seeing an item that's next to new, and maybe even with the tags on, could be tempting. Just know that it's rare that any of these brands will hold any type of value and you are better off just passing them up.

Old Navy

One of the best parts about Old Navy is its affordable prices and fairly trendy clothing. However, these are the two things that make it difficult to sell. They tend to offer more fast fashion pieces, and the prices of their timeless ones are too low for resale. Most of their clothing items aren’t great quality, and most people would rather pay $5 for a new t-shirt from Old Navy than buy one secondhand.

Wild Fable and Mossimo

Wild Fable and Mossimo are Target-owned brands. Target marks most of its clothing down to very cheap prices, making competing with a like-new price nearly impossible. Just as Old Navy is guilty of fast fashion, Target is worse! With constant sales and rotating inventory, you won’t be able to sell it before they move on to the next fashion trend.



Aeropostale is one of those brands that I can’t seem to even give away! If you’ve been in the store, then you know that this brand isn’t exactly cheap. For this brand, I’ve noticed people interested in it would rather just buy it new or aren’t interested in the “outdated designs” of the last season.

Forever 21

For me, one of the slowest brands to try and sell is Forever 21. I know that one of their brand's staples is trendy, cute, and affordable clothes. However, there are a few reasons why these won’t make you much money if you can sell them. First, their items' low price and quality won’t make for good reselling; at most, you might get a few dollars for each piece if you’re lucky!


Shein is known for their extremely low prices, which makes it very difficult to sell. Since most items start at around $3 and up, it can be hard to really find something worth reselling. The quality of Shein items just isn’t enough, and it can be hard to find something worth the attempt to resale. It’s better to pass this brand and look for something else.

As you can see, several very popular brands make this list! Whether they just don’t resell well because of the initial price or because they just seem not to move, there are so many reasons for it! While you can certainly look for these items for yourself, you won’t be able to have much luck getting these secondhand and making any sort of money off them.

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