Exploring San Diego Pacific Beach Area

Nestled along the sun-kissed shores of Southern California lies the coastal gem we know and love as San Diego. It's a city known for it's vibrant culture, stunning beaches and year-round sunshine. It has many beachfront neighborhoods, but Pacific Beach stands out from the rest as a haven for surfers, sunbathers, and young {and young at heart} folks! You'll find an iconic boardwalk, breathtaking sunset, and endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. Pacific Beach is the perfect place to explore when you visit San Diego on that quintessential California beach getaway!


Exploring the San Diego Pacific Beach Area

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Where to Stay


Your journey begins as you arrive at The Wayfarer Hotel. We literally pulled up to the parking lot as the sun was setting and before we could check in, we found a spot on the boardwalk to watch one of those magical San Diego sunsets!

The Wayfarer is steps away from the bustling boardwalk and pristine sands making it the perfect location to explore the laid-back coastal ambiance of PB. 

Six Fun Things to Do in Pacific Beach


Bike Along the Pacific Beach Boardwalk

With the sun shining, you can embark on a quintessential Pacific Beach adventure. Borrow the bikes from the hotel for a small fee and enjoy people-watching on the coast. Use the bikes as a way to get up and down the boardwalk. You'll fit right in with the locals who are out rollerblading, biking and running on the boardwalk too!

Make sure you have a lock for your bike so that you can hop on and off the bikes to explore the area. The boardwalk stretches for miles giving a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, charming beachfront cottages {and mansions!}, and lively cafes and shops. 

As you pedal along, you will encounter a range of activities from surfers catching waves to families enjoying a day at the beach. Take your time to explore the various landmarks along the way, including Crystal Pier, a historic wooden pier that just out into the ocean and giving postcard-worthy views of the coast!

Beachcomb Along the Shoreline

It doesn't matter how old you are, there is some kind of draw to the treasure trove of natural wonders just waiting to be discovered on the beach. Pay attention to low tide and spend some time beach combing, wandering along the shoreline in search of seashells, driftwood and other coastal treasures.

Keep an eye out for sand dollars and other delicate little sea creatures that often wash up, especially after high tide. And if you are lucky enough to find a tide pool, take some time to explore what's inside!

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Tiptoe Through the Wildflowers

Lately, Southern California has had an explosion of colorful wildflowers. You'll find more than just sandy beaches in San Diego, you'll find plenty of cliffs that are blooming with color and filled with native wildflowers blooming all throughout the year. There are plenty of scenic nature trails and natural reserves you can explore {we loved the Palisade Park area about a 20-minute walk from The Wayfarer}. 

A few things to note, stay on the paths, and don't trample the wildflowers!

Watch the Sunset

Watching the sunset should be part of your evening routine while visiting San Diego. You can use your weather app to find out when the sun sets, and plan on arriving at least 20 minutes prior so that you can enjoy the show! Find a cozy spot in the sand, or bring a blanket and a picnic and settle in to watch the sky come alive with the hues of orange, pink, and gold!

Once the sun dips, don't rush to get up! The sun below the horizon casts the most amazing glow over the water. Soak it all in and enjoy the beauty!

Take Surf Lessons

There are plenty of surf shops all along the coast. In fact, there's a surf school set up just outside of The Wayfarer Hotel {see, I told you it was the perfect location!}. I took some time to watch the surf school one early afternoon and I loved seeing the encouragement from the instructor when one of the students caught a wave! I could hear the cheers on the boardwalk!

Have a Picnic

No visit to Pacific Beach is complete without a classic beach picnic! There's nothing better than dining al fresco with the ocean as your backdrop. There's a Ralph's grocery store a block away from the beach and it's the perfect place to stop in to grab fresh fruit, cheeses, some prepared sandwiches or salads, and maybe even a bottle of wine! Find a scenic spot on the sand and spread out your feast!



In the heart of San Diego's coast, you'll find the coastal paradise of Pacific Beach. It's one of the most vibrant and enchanting places I've ever been and it really captures the essence of California beach culture. From biking along the boardwalk to watching the sunset on the shore you're going to love every minute you spend here! 

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Just read your post on Pacific Beach CA. Always interesting to hear others views on San Diego county areas. When did you take this trip? And was your found sand dollar complete or just a portion? If you found a whole sand dollar consider yourself a lucky lady. I've never commented on your blog but this post really got my attention. Thank you. Dee

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