Top 10 of 2010

I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and do my top 10 of 2010. I'm hoping it will get me motivated to get crafting again now that the dust has settled and the boxes are mostly unpacked. And now that my blog is growing, some of you may have missed some of these posts when I only had 17 followers!

1. Vintage Button Ring Tutorial

2. Beware Halloween sign

3. Making your own skinny jeans

4. How to hem your own jeans using the original hem

5. Freezer Paper bug car

6. The Macgyver Dress
7. Driftwood Sailboats

8. Pottery Barn knock off Typewriter art

9. Pottery Barn knock off cork board

10. Kitchen face lift

Thanks for following me! It's been a great year. I look forward to a great 2011 as we settle in and make our new house a home.

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Michaela said...

Love the dress! It's so cute. That's one of my favorite styles. I have loved reading your blog this year, can't wait to see what you have in store in 2011 (:

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