Updating your room in a snap! My kind of DIY

This post brought to you by Leviton. All opinions are 100% mine.
Before we closed on our house I had a friend ask me what the one thing was that I loved most about our new home.
My reply...
The automatic light switches in the master bedroom.
The occupancy sensors (the technical term) are in our master bathroom (on a dimmer) and in my master closet.
I love them.
I mean, who can be bothered to turn on a light?
Not me!
Guess who makes this genius invention?
You need at least one in your house, trust me.
You can find out more about the switches here.
A few weeks ago, I saw my favorite TV personality, Nate Burkus (love him!), talking about these Renu snap on light switches and thought they were genius.  Seriously, this Leviton company knows what they are doing!
Renu<sup>®</sup> > Brands > Solutions from Leviton Web Site
Any designer will tell you that color is the best way to update a room.
Our home has several accent walls.
An accent wall is designed to do just that, accent. 
You don't want anything distracting from the impact of the color you are using and the statement you are trying to make, which is why I love this new Renu product collection. 
Let me show you the accent walls in my house.
This is the accent wall in my living room by the fire place.
The fire place is supposed to be the focal point in a room.
Know what's the focal point in this room?
Yep, the outlet.
This is our dining room.
While one of the outlets is hidden in the wainscoting, the light switches are totally obvious.
The switches are competing with the art I spent so much time selecting to match the color scheme of the room.
Renu has 20 different colors hand picked by designers to match or complement any color palate.
Leviton Image.png
For my living room, I would choose Prairie Sage.  The color matches perfectly with the accent wall.
For my dining room, I would go with a complementary switch in Walnut Bark. 
Know what the best part about the Renu switches, wall plates, and dimmers are?
They are so easy to install.
They literally just snap on and off.
You can easily clean the switches or change them to a different color depending on your mood.
It's as easy as that!
Your light switch is now a home decorating accessory!
Want to know more about the Leviton's products?
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