Walk for Water

This past weekend our family participated in the Walk for Water.
The event raised $5400 to provide clean water and sanitation programs to rural Uganda.

It was a beautiful day for a walk.

There was lots of information posted to bring awareness to the dire need for clean water in Uganda.

Buttons were made of the children who each person or family was walking for.
It was such an awesome visual to remind us that we are walking for the health of these kids and their families.

Families and neighborhood groups came together.  People carried buckets of all sizes and weight.

We started walking

and kept walking

raising awareness with every step


When we got to a calm part of the river we hiked down under the overpass and filled our buckets up with water.

And then we carried the buckets filled with water back on the same path we just walked

With each step we labored
We adjusted our buckets
We sloshed water
We stopped to rest

We came up with new techniques to ease the burden

With each step we became more aware of the work that has to be done every day in an effort to get water.
Water that isn't even clean and most of the time isn't even safe to drink.

Water that runs freely from faucets in our homes and comes squirting out of our refrigerators at the touch of a button.

Clean water can cut a communities child mortality rate in half.
We walked for the children
We walked for the families
We walked for the community

Thank you for donating

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-danielle- said...

wow - what a beautiful lesson I would have loved to been able to partake in. Any kid these days, could use a lesson in appreciation for what they have. Water is one of those things that we just take for granted. Thank you for sharing your story, it leaves me googling to find such an event near me !

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