Garage Sale Finds Friday Edition 33

Welcome to another week of garage sale finds Friday where I share with you my garage sale finds from the week.  This week, I have a few larger furniture items to share with you.  Ready?  'K, let's do this!

I found this blue mirror and went back and forth on it. 
After all it was a pricey $5.
I knew I would have to paint it because the blue isn't as awesome as it looks in the picture.
It's also super duper heavy so you would really have to hang it well...well, kind of like this.

What???  Does that flashback remind you that the inaugural edition of the "helpful hints from my handy husband" was indeed the only actual edition?  Yep, I was reminded of that too.  He's a slacker, what can I say.

Anyway, back to the mirror.
For some reason the mirror made it inside when it should have been in the garage ready and waiting for me to sand it down.  However, my helpful kiddo dragged it inside in his haste to head quickly to his friends house thinking he was helping me out.

He was not, because after I took this picture (don't you love the dog dishes reflecting in the mirror?  Yep, I'm a super stager and picture taker, what's it to ya?) I hauled the mirror (did I mention that it was heavy?) back out to the garage to sand it down.

Well, as I hauled the mirror out to the garage I was reminded of another fun garage sale find that I was going to take a picture of (more on that in a second), and as I was moving the undisclosed awesome object I was trying to photograph, the mirror came crashing forward (I'm thinking it was a ghost that not so subtly wanted me to increase my bad luck by at least another seven years) and upon hearing the commotion inside, my husband came to check on me to see what I did this time and found me like this.

A true bloggers husband would do nothing less than grab the camera and start taking pictures while his wife stands in a pile of broken glass in stocking feet.

Needless to say I was pretty upset at my mirror breakage.  It did cost me all of $2.50.  
What was that?  Oh, yes, they did want $5 for it.  
And no, I never pay full price.

 So what was I trying to move when the mirror broke?
This awesome twin bed back here.
It has a headboard, a foot board and side rails.
And nope, I never did get a picture of it.

But it's pretty awesome and has this stamp on it.
Anyone know anything about Berkey & Gay furniture (other than the fact that it would be totally unPC to name a furniture company that these days?)
Oh, and here's the best part.
I paid $5 for the bed.
Yep, a rockin' deal.
Complete with lead paint and all.

I also picked up this bookcase for my daughters room.
She is a collector (hoarder???) by nature, so it gives her more flat surfaces to fill.
This is my husbands favorite trait about her that she got from her lovely mother.
'K, not so much, but I embrace it...other than the used bandaid collection.

It is a sturdy bookcase handmade by the guy I bought it from.  
It started out unfinished pine so I slapped a coat (or three...that sucker sucks down paint) of white paint.  I paid $10 for it.  Never mind that it took me 5 hours to paint it.

I would show you what it looks like now with all of her goodies on it, but I'm afraid of photographing anything else today for fear of the mirror ghost.
So that's all you get.

So what did you find?
Anything worth sharing?


Unknown said...

you got some great finds cant wait to see the bookcase all dressed up

Xander Lawson said...

It's really amazing how much stuff people have lying around in their garage. What's even more amazing is many also manage to fit their cars in between all the clutter.

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