Garage Sale Finds Friday Edition 35

Let me just take a second to blame Comcast for the delay in scheduling this post.
Our internet has been experiencing a few, shall we say, "technical difficulties" for the past few weeks, and despite my best efforts, this post that was scheduled for Friday, is now happening today, Monday.
So let me again just place the blame on Comcast (unfortunately, there aren't many options in our area so we are stuck with their less than stellar service) and we can move on with this party.

Welcome to another edition of Garage Sale Finds Friday, where we check out some of my favorite garage sale finds of the week.  This week, a few of these items made it into the garage for a brief stop before heading straight to my favorite shop, Persnickety's.

Did you know if you follow Persnickety's Awesomeness Emporium on Facebook, you can see photos of all the goodies as they come into the shop and be the first to know about sales and specials?  I hear the tent sale was awesome!!!  Just ask Mandi how the tattoo parlor next door celebrated their 1 year anniversary.  It was epic.

Anyway, back to Garage Sale Finds Friday.
I picked up this really cool vintage step stool from an adorable old lady (I say that with the utmost respect) who was about two feet from the grave.  She had a $3 sticker on this stool but after asking if she would take $2 and a quick consult with her husband, this beauty was mine.

I brought the stool home, sanded down the VERY thick paint that was on it revealing some awesome yellow tinges underneath and busted out my silhouette machine to make a quick vinyl stencil for me to make the numbered stairs that I think make it that much more awesome.
How's that for a run on sentence?

This beaut was all apple green and blue when I bought it for $1 at a garage sale.  What's not to love about a bulletin board with some sass?

These lovely tables are going to require some imagination on your part.  
I forgot to take "before" pictures of the pair.
I picked up these two matching pine tables (Ikea maybe??) for $7 for the pair.
I had big plans for them, but first needed to paint them.
Twenty six coats later (seriously, it was a LOT), they were now officially off white.
I used some cutting edge stencils and some grey paint to make some cool designs on the top of the tables.
Unfortunately, the paint bled and didn't leave me with the cleanest lines.

So I sanded the tables down and started painting over the grey, which actually left me with a really cool faded effect.
You can see the stencil but it's very light.

I couldn't decide if it was a happy mistake or one that I just started to grow more fondly of because of the amount of work that went into it.
You'll have to stop by Persnickety's and see them for yourself.

And finally, I had to share with you this genius idea that I saw at an antique shop.
I see old typewriters at garage sales all the time, but never really know what to do with them.
Check out this planter that they made out of this old typewriter.

Now I'm officially looking for vintage typewriters again since this is awesome.
And guess what?  Now that I'm looking, I won't see a single one!

So what did you find at garage sales this past weekend?


Heidi Lisa said...

Cute ladder! and what you did with it :o)
I found a cute little silver tray with feet (posted it today on my blog)

Cap Creations said...

That typewriter is pretty dang neato! Love it! The ladder is great too. Thanks for sharing at Cap Creations.

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

What great finds!! :) And love the typewriter too! :) Happy Monday

Kim @ Too Much Time said...

Oooh, Rachel! I do love what you did with that ladder-it is seriously awesome. And now I will have to find a typewriter because that planter is genius!

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