My family's secret recipe for crock pot pot roast

I love using my crock pot.
I usually cook in it at least once a week.
I love that I can make dinner in the morning, and then forget about it all day.
I've shared with you my recipe for taco tuesday and how I make my own soup stock.

As the weather starts to turn, pot roast seems to be one of those fall comfort foods.
This is my mother's recipe that I still make today.

What you will need:
Crock pot
onion soup mix
pot roast

I cut all of my vegetables up, (but not too small), and layer them with the potatoes on bottom, the onions next, celery and carrots thrown in on top.
Sometimes I add mushrooms too.

Then I take the onion soup mix and sprinkle just a little (about a quarter of the bag) of the seasoning on top of the vegetables.

Next I layer the meat on top and sprinkle the rest of the seasoning on top of the meat.

Finally, I add about 1/4 cup of water.  No need for more water than that-the water in the veggies will keep the meat moist too.

Put a lid on it, and forget about it for at least 8 hours.

I usually serve our pot roast with bread.
 It's a quick and easy meal for a brisk autumn day.
What are some of your comfort foods for fall?


Lily Bean said...

ooo! i love pot roast! my fave. i will be pinning this for later. thanks for sharing <3

Unknown said...

I did this before and I noticed the meat didn't cook through because it was on top of the veggies, so I moved it to the bottom and it cooked through. just FYI

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