Planning for spring

One thing that I have missed since moving to our new home 18 months ago, is the nice raised vegetable garden that my husband made for me at our old house.  For years we grew sugar snap peas, green beans, tomatoes, squash and strawberries, not to mention fresh herbs like cilantro and basil.  My kids would always help me pick out the vegetables that we would grow, then they would help me plant the seeds in my raised bed.  The best part was eating fresh sugar snap peas right off the vine! 
I still feel like we are figuring out all the in's and outs of our new house, especially when it comes to gardening.  Like which side of the house gets the most sun, which area the sprinklers hit best, and what can we plant that the dog won't tear up before it's ready!

I recently spent some time on the Gardenieres website and found this video that has inspired me to start planning my vegetable garden for spring.  You don't need a ton of space to plant a bountiful garden.

I have always been impressed with the Miracle-Gro garden soil and will definitely use it as the base to my new raised bed.  It's important to give your plants the best start, and I know they will get that with the Miracle-Gro garden soil.

I don't always have a green thumb, but I do get an "A" for effort!  I usually need all the help I can get, which is why, I will also be giving the Liquafeed a try once my vegetables start to grow.  It makes feeding the plants as easy as watering.  And hey, even I can do that! 

While I wait for spring, I'm going to take the time to Find beauty in the Fall.  I love my potted mums flanking my garage door.
Happy planting!

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