PERK up the smell of your car!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PERK for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have three kids and a big smelly dog that I cart around in my mom van.
I spend more time in my mini than I would like to admit.

My kids are active, my dog is active and we have lots of places to go.

Milkshakes have gotten spilled, bags with fruit that goes rotten gets left behind and the dog rolls her muddy sea weed filled self all over the car mats to dry off after a trip to the beach.

All of these things have left my nearly decade old mini van smelling less than fresh!

I am quite sensitive to smell, especially if I am in a closed in area.  My daughter is the same way.
Give us a few minutes in a closed in space with some highly potent fragrance and we both come away with headaches.

Which is why I haven't tried any air freshener in my car.
But desperate times come for desperate measures, and I heard about a new air freshener that is not only discreet, it's also not overly powerful.  

My daughter and I smelled each of the fragrances {lush valley, golden vanilla, new car and fresh clean laundry} and picked our favorite, golden vanilla to try out in our van.

The Vent Wrap comes individually packaged so that each one lasts for two weeks. After your vent air freshener loses it's smell, simply unwrap another fragrance from the pack and clip it into place.  Each package comes with 60 days of fabulous fragrance.

There is nothing messy, drippy or tacky about the discreet PERK vent wraps, they simply clip right onto your vent.

 They don't block air flow and allows your vent to function as normal.  You hardly notice it is there!  They are Invisibly Fresh!

You can find out more information about PERK by watching this informational video

The best part is that for the two of us in the family that are overly sensitive to smell, the vent wraps provide a StediScent – for fragrance that is just right.  No headaches!

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NaDell said...

Craigslist van and kids. Are those enough reasons?

Amy Orvin said...

We eat alot in the car and need something to eliminate those pesky food odors.

Jessica said...

My car is old and I'm always on the go (eating, drinking, etc.)

cynthia said...

I have two teen boys.....that is all.

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