Rachel's Random ramblings

It's been awhile since I have taken the time to do a Rachel's random ramblings.
I thought that it was long overdue.
Especially since I have a lot of stuff rambling around in my head!
As you read this, I am sitting on a beach in Maui with some pretty awesome girlfriends.
I am thankful to get the opportunity to travel away from my family for a little mom retreat.
If you want to live vicariously through me, you can follow me on instagram at holycraft1.
Before I left I saw this article called "The Mom Problem" by Aaron Ivey.
It's a good read but since my blog demographic is a bunch of moms, I am probably preaching to the choir.
Go ahead and forward it to your husband.  
I did.
And speaking of my husband, he's a pretty awesome guy to allow me to travel without him, take care of the kids and the house and run our crazy schedule solo for the week.
God bless him!
In preparation for our great Midwest trip this past summer, my oldest son got sucked into country music.
For some reason, road tripping in a mini van in Kentucky with his family made him think that he needed to make a CD of country songs.
And that my friends, has started him on a country music kick.
While Aidan is on a country music kick, being a teenager, the rest of us are being dragged right along with him on that kick.
Here are a few things that I have noticed about country songs.
Most of them start with "Hey girl"
everyone has a truck with a rolled down window and they all go cruisin'
sometimes they stop by a river and drink a beer
and every song mentions jeans
While we are talking about songs, a friend on Facebook posted this Valentine.
I dare you to not sing Lion King.

I love using my silhouette software and use the print and cut feature most often.
Lately, I've had issues with it reading the registration marks.
I tricked it into reading the registration marks by going over them with a sharpie.
Yep, that's what I do with my time...trick a machine used for cutting.
It seems so simple, but this saved me tons of time and maybe it will save you time too.
You're welcome!

Now back to whale watching and soaking up sun!

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Craftcherry said...

Enjoy your amazing vacation!!
That article is right on the ball. I rarely get a mom get away, but my husband does make sure I get time to myself, which is just as good....almost...that beach would be amazing.

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