Duck Tape Valentine's Day Candy pouch tutorial

My tween daughter could not have been more excited about the new Valentine's day duck tape designs.

Duck tape is always coming up with something awesome and their new designs did not disappoint!
My daughter immediately knew what she wanted to make with the Valentine's day designs, and she quickly set to work on these Valentine's day candy pouches!

My daughter was excited to help put together a tutorial of her Valentine’s Day craft, so that you can make these awesome valentine's day pouches too!

Start by folding about 8 inches of tape in half on itself to make a 4 inch long strip.

Do this three times and place them down side by side.

With your three pieces of tape side by side, put a horizontal strip of tape around the front.
One side works, however, you can put the tape on both sides to give it a cleaner look.
At this point, you will have 3 strips long, and 2 strips wide holding everything together.

Repeat these steps with your coordinating color tape

Once you have both of your sheets of duck tape brand tape made, place them on top of each other and fold them in half.

Cut out a heart in one of your tape pieces and then use it as a guide to cut out your second heart.

You will now have two duck tape hearts

Take a piece of duck tape and cut it in half.
Use half of the piece on one side of the heart, and the other half on the other.
Your tape will only cover the side edges.
This will be your adhesive to make your pouch.

Fold up the other half of duck tape piece and carefully stick your coordinating heart in place.

You can't just make one!
Fill your pouch with your favorite treat and share the love to all of your friends!

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