New years goals for 2014

I don't like New Year's resolutions.
Since I have school age kids,
I prefer to make back to school goals.
Our schedule and routine changes every September, 
and I think that's a better time for me to try to adjust or change things in my life and schedule.
That said, I do like to set goals for the new year.
The best thing for accountability is to mention those goals out loud so the rest of you can hold me to them.
Will you do that? 
O.k., that said, here are a few of my new year's blogging goals.
1. Make more blogging friends
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I've been reading blogs for four years now
and through those years, I have gotten to know some bloggers, but mostly in a surface relationship type way.
Blogging has become my part time job, and I need to make connections and form relationships with people that understand the biz.  People I can share my tips and tricks with while learning a thing or two from them as well.  That said, do you want to be friends?  I am super fun and far more witty in e-mails and in person than I am on my blog.
2.Start an etsy shop
I feel like I have been getting the push to start a Holy Craft etsy site for a few months now.
I hesitate to put the time in it because I am afraid that I will do all that work and get nothing from it.
I get contacted all the time to see if I sell my projects, and while I do sell locally, I think I am ready to branch out.  And when I do, will you all buy, share and spread the word?  I would totally appreciate it!
3. Attend a conference
I have yet to attend any blogging conferences or events, though I would love to participate in them because I read from other bloggers how valuable the information is.  Every year I do my best to find a local conference in Seattle {you would think that the tech capital of the US would offer one} but I have yet to find one.  The only way I could attend a conference this year would be through a sponsorship.  If anyone is willing to sponsor me I would be happy to connect and I could pimp out whatever awesomeness you wanted me to...unless it's a laxative.  I don't think I would want to be the face of a laxative.  Then again, never say never.
4. Comment and visit
With the invention of instagram and pinterest more and more people are seeing, but less and less people are commenting.  I am guilty of this myself, which is why I plan on commenting on five different blogs or feeds a day.  I think this ties into number 1 too.  I can't promise I won't turn into a stalker though I will try to be appropriate in my comments.  If you don't have anything nice to say {I like how your nail polish looks when you hold that cupcake} then don't say it at all!
5. Embrace technology
I must confess, I am not the most tech savvy person you have ever met.  I usually fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to anything technological.  The internet is a magical thing and has tutorials for just about anything, so this year I plan on taking the time and taking advantage of those tutorials to make my blog a more user friendly space. Any suggestions you want to give me on improvements I can make I would appreciate.  
I'm very much looking forward to 2014!
This year has some pretty awesome stuff on the calendar for me already,
I can't wait to see the other exciting things that will fill in the blank spaces of my days.
Do you have any goals set for the year?
I would love to hear them.

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Unknown said...

Rachel such a great post your so right about writing them down it makes you more accountable looking forward to following your progress in the new year wishing you all your dreams come true

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