Updating the kitchen for under $25!

For Christmas I got a little present from my hubby.
I thought we would play a little game and see if you could spot the update.
The picture on the left is the before {taken three years ago}
and the picture on the right is the after.

I can't believe how in the past three years not much has changed in my kitchen!
It's a little crazy.

If you noticed the new drum shade pendants as the update you would be right!

I shared a kitchen tour with you all a few years ago when we first moved in.
Not much has changed!
Seriously, it's a little trippy.
I really love my kitchen.
It's huge and is well laid out, but one of those things I have never liked were the pendants.
I wasn't a big fan of the bell shade, so when I saw that Lowe's had pendant light shades for $10, I sent my hubby a text and asked for them for Christmas.

It took Mike less than 10 minutes to install both new shades.
I think they made a huge difference and update the space right away.
Totally worth the $22 investment!

One final angle to see how the new pendant shades look over my island.

Do you have any good cheap ways that you update your living space?
I would love to hear your tips!


Craftcherry said...

It's amazing how much a simple light fixture can change the room and if you are willing to look around it's so inexpensive. That's our big thing when we move. Lights and paint.

Unknown said...

love the update and that dog bowls are still in the same spot funny

Bargnhtress said...

I like the first ones better. I love your kitchen overall but I think the first ones give it style, while the new ones are too plain and boxy.

Sally P said...

Thank you for posting this. I have similar cabinets and have been looking for counter & backsplash ideas. I love seeing this combo because it's what I had pictured in my head but I've never seen a kitchen that has it. And I like the little update on the pendants.

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I need to do this--these are much better! Thanks for linking up!

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