Felt woven pillow tutorial

Do you ever have those projects that you have been sitting on for months?

{Please tell me I'm not the only one???}
This is one of those projects.
Back in October, when I still shopped at Joann's,
{you can read here why I broke up with Joann's}
I spent a half an hour on what I thought would be a quick trip in, to get felt cut.
Since then, the supplies have been sitting in my closet just waiting, and this past weekend, I finally got around to completing the project.

I love how this grey felt woven pillow turned out and can't wait to share the tutorial with you!

I started with a few yards of two different coordinating colors of felt.

I was using a standard 18x18 pillow insert so I cut my felt on the fold down to 19x19 for seam allowance.
Once I cut my felt square, I drew lines on my felt every two inches.
I left about one inch on both sides.

You don't need to worry about the lines showing, since they will be on the inside of the pillow once you are done.

Use a ruler and a rotary cutter to cut through the lines.
I had two layers of felt that I was cutting through so make sure your blade is sharp!
If you want to only cut through one layer, open your piece of fabric up and only do one side.

Once cut, the lines through the pillow cover will look like this.

You are now ready to cut coordinating felt for your weaving.
I cut 19x2 inch strips of felt.

You will need a lot of felt strips!

Once you have your strips cut, you can start weaving.
Remember back to your elementary school days when you made paper placemats?
Over, under, over under...

Pin the strips in place on each end.

 Once you have woven your strips in your pillow cover, you are ready for the next step.
I used iron on adhesive to hold the felt in place.
Cut small squares of your adhesive 

and slip them in place under every other felt square.

iron the adhesive to activate it and your strips will stay in place!

That's a lot of prep work, just to get to the sewing part, but you are finally ready!
Sew your sides shut, leaving a side open for your pillow insert.

Trim off the extra felt edges to make a smooth edge before turning your pillow cover inside out.
Slip your pillow cover in, sew closed and you are done!

That's it!
And a sneak peak of it's new home on my son's bed.
I really need to finish up his vintage airplane room.
It's been a work in progress for the past 6 months!
I'm sensing a new year's resolution...

What is your biggest hindrance for completing projects?
I'm glad I finally finished this one, but it reminds me of a hundred other projects I need to finish too!

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Crystelle Boutique said...

The iron-on adhesive is such a great idea! I love how your pillow turned out, and knowing it will maintain its shape must give you a lot of piece of mind......
hugs x, Crystelle
Crystelle Boutique

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