What's in my cart at The Dollar Store

It's been awhile since I did a What's in my cart at The Dollar Store post.
I know you have all been dying to know what I have been buying while I have been shopping there.
Oh, you haven't?  
Well, that's too bad!

My son's Boy Scout troop recently had a cake auction fundraiser.
I bought a plastic platter and was quite pleased with how easy it was to use.
Many scouts cut up foam board or a box as a base for their cakes, 
I spent $1 and none of my time and provided the winning bidder a reusable platter.  
Double win!

I still love my silver plate chalkboard sign I made last year.
I picked up a few so that I could make more.

I have never been a fabric softener user.
But there is something about having growing {stinky} children and a dog, that creates a need to eliminate odors.  I've been mixing half water, half liquid fabric softener to create my own febreeze in a squirt bottle.
It works.
Occasionally I add it to the laundry and my daughter gushes over how much she loves the smell.
We don't get out much.

I don't buy a lot of food at the dollar store, but occasionally there are deals to be had.
For instance, these marshmallows.
I used them as a topping on the aforementioned Boy Scout cake auction s'mores bars that my son and I made.  And only because when we first made the recipe and toasted the marshmallows in the broiler, they caught on fire {like blow it out before it burns the house down fire}.  We had to scrape off the burnt marshmallows {that I paid $1.49 for the bag for at Target} and ran to the Dollar Store hoping they would come through.  
Spoiler alert. They did.

I seemed to have misplaced all of my microfiber cleaning towels so when I wandered down the cleaning aisle, I picked up this 2 pack of white towels.
A typical trip for me to the dollar store requires wandering down every.single.aisle, so while I was going down the automotive aisle, I saw these much larger microfiber cleaning towels.
If you think I still got the smaller white kitchen towels, you would be wrong.
I did not.

My teenage son would be shocked to know that the underwear that he is currently wearing came from the dollar store.
I guess it's better than coming used from a garage sale.
I snatched up a few pairs of these Starter brand boxer briefs and the jury is still out 
{I keep forgetting to ask him about his skives}
so I don't know if they are worth the buy or not.
The pickings were slim though.
You had your choice of small or 2XL.

I found myself in need of a bandana
{don't we all every so often?}
and I am glad I held out to see what the dollar store's selection was.
Hobby Lobby had 1 bandana for $1, but the dollar store had 3 for $1.

I needed a nail file.
I bought a 4 pack.
That is all.

And finally, my last purchase was a stock up of Styrofoam balls and cones.
I use these for crafts all the time and they can get quite expensive at a "normal" craft store.
I used the cones last year to make twine wrapped carrots
and I used the balls to make snowmen.
Stock up, it's a great price and worth adding to your stash of craft supplies.

That's what was in my cart
Have you snatched up any winners at the dollar store lately?


Craftcherry said...

I actually haven't been in a while. I need to make a trip though. My boys just went through all their puzzles and we had to get rid of a bunch because they were damaged or missing pieces.
How often do you go?

Lauren said...

My favorite are the diaper disposal bags you get in the baby section. You get about 75 in a box. I shove them down in my diaper bag for when we are running around or at someone's house and I don't want to leave a gross one in the trash. They smell like baby powder and are such a bargain compared to the expensive arm and hammer bags and they work great.

Carolyn said...

I haven't been in a while, but the last time I was at the dollar store I picked up two collars for my puppy, she already grew out of one. I don't feel bad since they were only $1 each. I also picked up a couple after Christmas deals of the cellophane bags to put away for cookies next year.

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