Confession time

Can I make a confession? 
I'm not very good at gardening but I really want to be.
I like plants and flowers but I can't seem to keep anything alive.
I killed cactus. 
And an aloe plant.  
I think that's some kind of special.
I blame it on lack of natural light in our house so I'm trying round two of houseplants.
This guy took the place of my aloe that I killed.  Actually, I'm blaming my daughter on killing the aloe.  I told her it was good for healing wounds and she kept hacking away at that thing until there was nothing left.
This guy is in my laundry room {lets pretend the humidity will help}. I moved him closer to the window in hopes that he will get some more sun than the hacked up plant by the laundry room sink did.

This is the pot that my cacti were in.
They died a slow death.

I'm trying something new and am only going to water them with fresh lukewarm tap water and not the soapy hot bathwater I was watering the cacti with.
So far so good.

Any other tips?
I really want to not kill everything I touch. 
I'm starting to take it personally.


DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

What a timely post! I just returned from Hobby Lobby, having purchased a few succulents to plant. They are fake and since they look really lifelike, I hope they last longer than the real ones I've managed to kill. I have three live house plants left. I've given some away rather than condemn them to certain death. Good luck with your survivors.

Nicole said...

You haven't killed everything you touch...your kids and husband are still living :-) I too am a plant killer. I don't even try anymore.

suzieQ said...

Aww, as a very good gardener, I thought I would offer some encouragement. Number one, I have killed many, many plants. Many more have lived, but I have been privy to murder most foul, so don't be too down on yourself. For years, my daughter would tease me about buying rosemary since once winter came, it would die on me.
One helpful tip- put your finger in the soil. If some sticks, DON'T water it. Wait. When you water, give the plant a good drink. If water comes out, into the saucer, be sure to toss the excess, but a good, to the bottom drink is best. No half measure. Let the water come to room temperature and this helps if there is chlorine in the water, which they do not like. Sun is important. Some plants need to be in a sunny location so respect that. Oh, and that dish garden? Mixing a jade plant with other succulents, not a good idea. Sometimes, things are sold that are bound to fail.
Take it from me, if you really want to grow plants, you will find the right one. Research on line and good luck.

Unknown said...

SuzieQ, thank you! I tried some tips today. Well, mostly I didn't water the plants since the dirt stuck to my finger. Look at me, learning and stuff. Thanks!

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