Faux Enamel Mug with Vinyl

It's never to early too start about crafting holiday gifts. Just ask Hobby Lobby. They've had their Christmas crafting supplies up since July! I digress...It's a great time to start thinking about those handmade gifts you want to make for the loved ones on your list. Who doesn't need a good mug? I found this faux enamel mug at TJ Maxx for a few dollars and it was screaming for some vinyl. I will say, it's hard to find plain mugs now days. When you do, it's like finding a unicorn! OK, maybe not that rare, but for all the crafty folks who want to make and create their own design, when you find them, you better stock up!

So what do you do once you find that elusive blank mug? I've got all the details for how you can create your own design and what kind of vinyl you should be using to make that design last.  Are you ready?

How to Add Vinyl on a Mug

So friends, where do you start? You shop all your favorite local shops and find a plain mug. I really was digging this faux enamel mug but I've seen plain mugs at Walmart, Target and your local thrift shop.

I created a design in my Silhouette software. I am not a designer, but I find that it's not too hard with the Silhouette design software. Sometimes I will use a few components of a pre-made image, other times I will use a photo and other times I will create an image totally from scratch.

You are going to want to use 651 vinyl on your mug. It's created for outdoor use and will hold up well to frequent washings. Some people say it's dishwasher safe, but I wouldn't risk it.

Cut your design and use transfer tape to transfer it to your space. Viola! You've got a new handmade gift to give full of personality!

If you want more tips on how to use vinyl check out this post. If you want to move to next level stuff, find all you need to know to get started with heat transfer vinyl here.

Did you know you could put heat transfer vinyl on a coffee mug? You can. Check this out!

If you don't have a cutting machine yet, add the Silhouette Cameo to your list. I'm toying with the idea of the Cricut Maker too. Either way, I don't think you can go wrong. It will take your crafting to a whole new level.

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