DIY a Modern Tree Stump Natural Wood Lamp

I was wandering the aisles of Target like any suburban mom does and I saw a wood vase just sitting there. It was telling me that it wanted to be a lamp. Well, it didn't speak audible words, I'm not crazy. But I looked at it and turned it all around in my hands and was like where the heck is the rest of this? It was just darn near begging to be turned into a lamp. There was a little knot in the bottom back of it that had a hole that would be perfect for the cord to go through and dang, it looked like something I would find in a high-end store. I just knew I could make it without the high-end price and that is what I did. Well, I didn't as much as I instructed my husband to make it. But I supervised. I love how it turned out and wouldn't you know it, a quick google search found similar modern teak lamps for hundreds and thousands of dollars. Now, I wouldn't spend that on a lamp, but you get the point. Why not DIY one and get the look? And that is what I'm going to do. I'll show you step by step how we created this modern tree stump teak lamp and how you can make your own.

DIY Modern Wood Lamp

I just went to and found that they have a whole series of different wood vases. That's what they call these. I'm calling them lamp bases because duh, it's like it's whole purpose in life was to be a lamp. They all even have lamp holes for the wiring. 
vase 1/vase 2/vase 3
I started with my supplies.

You will need:

A lamp making kit {this is the one I used}
lamp base
lamp shade
aluminum strip
You need some part to hold your lamp socket in place. We came up with this solution. It's made from the piece of aluminum and has several holes screwed into it to secure it to the base.
Here's how you make it. 
Start by measuring your piece of aluminum. Mark where you need to cut, but don't cut it down just yet. It will be easier to work with if it's longer.

Use a clamp to hold down your aluminum and drill a hole in the center. Have your lamp socket handy so you can test the width.

Next, drill two smaller holes on both sides so that the lamp plate you are making can be secured into the lamp base.

Use a hacksaw to cut the aluminum in the length that you need to go over your lamp base.
{you should have already measured this above}

Finally, file the edges to round them. You don't want overhang from the aluminum lamp plate.

Wire your lamp according to the directions that came with your lamp kit. The whole DIY took under thirty minutes.

 This makes the perfect lamp for our little reading nook in our living room.

I just love how it turned out!

The total cost of supplies put this complete lamp cost around $50. Not an inexpensive DIY, but cheaper than any lamp with a shade you can purchase at the store...even at a store like Target.

What do you think? Think you could tackle this DIY? If you do, I'd love to see it! Tag me on all my social accounts. I'm @msrachelteodoro all over the internet.

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