Grey and Glam Teen Bedroom Makeover DIY

Am I the only one that slowly transforms a room? Please tell me I'm not. I guess they say slowly and surely wins the race right, so if there were a decorating race I'd be coming out ahead maybe. Here's hoping! When we purchased our home nearly eight years ago, there is one of the bedrooms that is quite a bit bigger than the others. Each of our three kids were told that they could take a turn in the big bedroom, with our oldest son having first dibs. He moved out two years ago, and in came my daughter who was ready to make some changes. Once you see the before and after you will see why. It's been a slow transformation over time, but I think the latest update pulls it all together. Come see what we did in this grey and glam teen girl bedroom makeover.

Grey and Glam Teen Girl Bedroom Makeover

My oldest son's decorating style can be described as free box garage sale chic. My daughter has a little bit more of a solid vision when it comes to decorating and likes a more sophisticated palate.

She knew she leaned towards greys and silvers and for years she begged to make a DIY tufted headboard. My husband passed the job off to his dad who happily obliged and the two made this beautiful tufted headboard that sits proudly in her room. You can find the tutorial for the DIY tufted upholstered headboard tutorial here.

I suggested that we look into adding an accent wall with wallpaper and we found this amazing silver textured wallpaper from Graham and Brown called Kinky Moonshine. It's perfect in her room!

I suggested that we paint the walls before we hung the wallpaper, but for some reason, I got out voted and for two years, the khaki color that the whole house was painted in, remained on the walls. I thought it clashed but according to my teen daughter, what do I know?

I finally got my way, and we painted the walls a cohesive color. I think it ties everything together and lightens up the room.

We painted the walls with Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior in Greyish. The ceiling got painted with Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior in Extra White. The same color I painted my master bedroom closet.

Don't you just love how paint can transform a space? It makes such a difference and when our youngest son gets promoted to this room when my daughter heads off to college in a few years, Sherwin Williams Greyish is a versatile color I know he can work with too.

There are so many greys out there to pick from. I know it's the hot new thing. 

So how did I pick this color of grey paint? 

Well, I'm glad you asked! I used the Sherwin Williams app called ColorSnap. I took a picture of the wallpaper and it found colors that coordinated with it. It really was as easy as that to find the perfect match!

disclaimer: Sherwin Williams provided the paint for this post. All opinions are 100% my own. I only tell you about products I love. Promise.


Kallee said...

THis looks like what my daughter was telling me she wants her bedroom to look like! Thanks for the inspiration

Choice Furniture Superstore said...

This is awesome. I liked this DIY grey and glam teen bedroom makeover. Thanks for sharing.

Jenn said...

I’m not a teen, but absolutely love the simple glam look of this room! It’s been a year since I moved into my
House and I have yet to decorate my bedroom, so I feel you! Might have to use this for inspiration though ;)

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