Fall Getaway in the Pacific Northwest

When my son's school district announced remote learning, I started doing some thinking into how we could take advantage of the unique school year. Could we do remote learning remotely? Of course, we could! Resorts, hotels, and rental homes are all coming together to help encourage parents during this unprecedented time with the option of working and learning remotely. I've always been a huge advocate of education and I fully support that learning doesn't have to always happen in the classroom. We spent three school days exploring Alderbrook Resort and Spa in Union, Washington and I am going to say, it was the perfect fall getaway in the Pacific Northwest. 

remote learning from alderbrook resort

The Perfect Fall Getaway in the Pacific Northwest

perfect fall getaway in the pacific northwest

Where is Alderbrook Resort and Spa?

alderbrook resort

Alderbrook is located on the shores of Hood Canal in Union, Washington. It's been a destination for gatherings since 1913 when the only way to access the area was by canoe, in 2004 the resort underwent a major renovation.

Visitors can now easily access Alderbrook with a lovely drive from Seattle, Tacoma, or Olympia. 

alderbrook resort

The Scenic Road to Alderbrook Resort

If you'd like to experience the most scenic route, guests can hop on a Washington State ferry in Seattle, disembark at Bremerton, and head to Belfair before driving along the shores of Hood Canal to Union.

You'll find Alderbrook Resort 90 minutes west of Seattle and about 40 minutes North of Olympia.

Coming from the Tacoma area? Might I suggest taking W302 for the most scenic fall drive with tree-lined roads as you drive alongside the water the majority of the 60-minute drive?

Resident cats at Alderbrook

What Can You Expect at Alderbrook Resort

Two resident cats, Alder and Brook will greet you when you arrive at the beautiful Northwest Craftsman-style lodge. The soaring lofty lobby will feel like it's transporting you back into a simpler time. It's literally nearly impossible not to check your cares at the door.

I instantly felt a fun summer camp vibe with drawn-out schedules on chalkboards, signs directing our way around the property, fire pits with Adirondack chairs, and the sound of water from waterfalls, streams, and the canal trickling around us.

catskills vibe in the pacific northwest

Where to Stay at Alderbrook Resort

There are 77 rooms and 16 cottages, most of which have views. Both areas give off different vibes.

As a fan of the Amazon show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, the cottage area gives off a Catskills vibe to me. The cottage area forms a horseshoe and encircles a grassy area well stocked with lawn games, BBQ's and a fire pit. 

cottage cabins at alderbrook

Pets are welcome in two of the cottages and in the ground floor courtyard guestrooms, so your whole family can enjoy a stay at Alderbrook. Want to pamper your pooch? You can find a Doggie Dining menu as well as a VIP pet amenity bucket full of fun treats.

When it comes to remote learning and in general, traveling with teens, having a larger area to call your home base is the key to a successful getaway. I've said it before and I'll say it again, in order to have a successful family trip with teens, you need to have strong wi-fi and doors you can close. The cottages are the perfect family escape in my opinion.

Want more tips for traveling with teens? Check out this post!

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What to Do at Alderbrook Resort

If you are lucky enough to get beautiful fall weather during your visit, consider renting a kayak, a sea cycle, or a paddleboard. Rentals are available year-round, weather permitting. 

water sports hood canal

We enjoyed strolling the dock to look for the resident seals that made themselves comfortable in the area. You'll have your best luck finding them early in the morning just after sunrise, or in the few hours before sunset. 

harbor seal hood canal

Alderbrook is also a woodland wonderland with various trail hikes and even a private geocaching course. Our family loves geocaching, and while this one was a bit old school, with a throwback GPS tracker, my teen son and I took the trial course for a lovely scavenger hunt expedition. 

geocache alderbrook resort

I was a little worried the course would be a bit juvenile {sometimes it's hard to find "cool" things to do with teens}, but I was pleasantly surprised that the course was set up in a way that all ages could enjoy it. Geocaching treasure hunts are available every day from 8-5. Just check with lobby staff to get started.

scavenger hunt alderbrook

When we went back later in the afternoon to try another geocache hunt, we were encouraged to try the Nautical Flag Treasure Hunt. Again, nervous this would be a little juvenile for my teen, I was hesitant, but thankfully, I've got a teen who is basically up for anything, so we gave it a shot. 

The Nautical Flag Treasure Hunt took us all around the resort area from the dock on the canal to the woods above the resort and we ended with a lovely surprise treat when we gave the scrambled answer we hunted down using the clues to the lobby staff. 

fire pit alderbrook resort hood canal

You'll find several fire pits around the resort property. With a strapping teen boy {all of them seem to like fire for some reason!}, I inquired about a lighter to get a fire going. I was pleasantly surprised when we were told to just relax and a quick walkie talkie call went out requesting maintenance. In minutes a roaring fire was going as we lounged in Adirondack chairs. We enjoyed afternoon s'mores on the waterfront as we planned out our evening.

smores at alderbrook resort

A pool attendant helped us schedule a time for our swim in the indoor saltwater pool after dinner. Inside the enclosed glass atrium, we found a warm pool and a delightful hot tub. At the end of the pool, you'll find a storage container with kickboards and pool noodles. 

You'll also find a golf course and tennis courts as well as a fitness room where you can keep yourself busy!

remote learning from resort

Remote Learning at Alderbrook Resort

Take advantage of remote learning and book the remote learning package at Alderbrook. Available all year, Sunday thru Thursday {some exclusisions}, your family can receive 15% off accommodations. Kids of all ages will receive an educational kit from the Hand's On Children's Museum and you'll receive a s'mores kit to enjoy. 

remote learning success tips

Tips for Making Remote Learning Successful


Consider your schedule

My son has a lighter schedule with only one class mid-afternoon on a Wednesday. Work around those days to allow for fun and learning.

Check the WiFi

We attempted to drive to a location a few weeks ago in hopes that our son could still log into his class. This was a bad plan and he missed a class. FYI, Alderbrook has great WiFi, so no worries there!

Set Aside a Location

Remote learning in one of the cottages at Alderbrook provides plenty of space for your family to spread out. However, if you need some quiet to work, you can reserve an hour or two of time in the boardroom to really conquer that workload. 

logging history washington

Get Creative

My son is in a photography class, and we took advantage of the beautiful surroundings at Alderbrook for him to take photos for his final exam. Outdoor recess can be a hike in the nearby woods, environmental science could be an examination of the creek restoration project at Alderbrook Resort and you can squeeze in some botany as well as history using the placards throughout the trails to help you identify trees and plants as well as learn a little bit about the history of the area. 


Things to Know Before Visiting Alderbrook Resort

  • Plan to stay at least two nights to allow yourself to get comfortable and settle into the resort.
  • Pack food for our stay. While the food in the restaurant is worth the splurge, your dining dollars will quickly add up and there aren't many options in the area unless you want to drive to nearby towns.
  • Bring a mask! Alderbrook is strictly adhering to the Safe Start Washington approach and masks are required.  
  • Keep an eye out for the pearl of the day rates on the website for last-minute deals and don't miss those personalized packages and getaways. 
  • Don't miss the courtyard on the third floor. You'll find swings, water features, and secluded tables to enjoy. 

Want to know more? Check out all Alderbrook has to offer for yourself! It's the perfect fall getaway in the Pacific Northwest.

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