The Only Monthly Money Saving Challenge you Need for 2021

The end is near! The final few days of 2020 are in front of us and while we know nothing magical is going to happen when we change that calendar, it is a time for us to enter into the mentality that we have a fresh start and a new year to tackle. 2021 is going to be a big year personally for us financially. We have just a few more mortgage payments until we own our home free and clear. We've taken our 30-year mortgage and paid it off in 10 years. 

Financial goals are important to have but they aren't tackled in one big bite, you have to slowly chew at them. 2020 has been a year of adjustment and change and uncertainty for all of us, but it's also brought growth and perspective. Money-saving and frugal living has always been a part of our lifestyle and I hope that in the past decade of posts at you can see that reflected. I am going to be using 2021 to be more intentional about sharing practical tips and monthly challenges so that we can walk together on this journey. Do you want to see what is in store for the first five months?

money saving challenge monthly

The Only Monthly Money Saving Challenge You Will Need

monthly money saving challenge

Stop putting your financial goals on the backburner! Start saving money now!

Every month, I'll share practical money-saving tips on the blog and on my social media channels {msrachelteodoro everywhere!} so don't miss it!

Here is the plan!

Jumpstart January

jumpstart january money saving month

How many times have you said that you want to start saving money? Or put cash aside for your kid's college accounts or pay off your car? But what have you done to work towards that goal? 

In Jumpstart January we will focus on creating savings goals that you can successfully achieve by the end of the year. We are going to look at setting a budget and give you tips on how to stick with your budget. We will look at different money saving techniques like an envelope system and take a magnifying glass to your expenses to see where your money is going. 

The big Jumpstart January challenge will be a pantry challenge. It will give you the opportunity to reevaluate one of the biggest monthly expenses we make, food, and remove those sneaky items that are wants disguised as needs.

Frugal February

frugal february money saving challenge

Not knowing a global pandemic was nipping at our heels, I did my first no-spend challenge month last February. The biggest regret is that I whittled down my food stockpile just as every grocery store started having shortages. I lived to tell about it, and in the hopes that we won't be facing another global pandemic, we are going to push forward to take part in a no-spend challenge month together.

I was able to save $2000 in one month by making small changes and know that you can too!

Money Making March

money making march money saving challenge

Ah, the art of the side hustle. We will take some time in March to look at easy ways you can make money. Making extra money doesn't have to be hard, you can often time use what you have already to put some money back into your pocket!

April Audit

april audit monthly money saving challenge

It's so important to take an objective examination of your finances from time to time. This will also be the time to check in with the goals that were set back in January and make any shifts in your budgeting plan so that you can successfully hit your goals.

Money-Saving May

money saving may monthly challenge

May will be a time of money-saving. As the weather starts to warm up, we will be looking at fun and free resources we can take advantage of in order to save money. There are plenty of money-sucking habits we all have fallen into, and we will be working through how we can get back on track and set our focus on money-saving so that we can hit big goals.



I'm excited to share my practical tips and money-saving wisdom that I've learned over the past few decades. You want to join me? Don't miss any of my weekly recap e-mails, make sure you are signed up for my e-mail list. 

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