Cooking at Home During a Kitchen Remodel

Renovating or remodeling can be stressful, and living in a construction zone can add another layer of stress to your life. Trying to figure out how to feed your family during a kitchen remodel can be, shall we say, interesting. Thinking ahead and setting up a temporary kitchen will help ease some of that burden because no one wants to eat out every night. Here are some tips for cooking at home during a kitchen remodel.

cooking at home during kitchen remodel

Cooking at Home During a Kitchen Remodel

cooking at home temporary kitchen

Having a few countertop appliances will help you be successful in whipping up some home-cooked meals during a kitchen remodel.

Here are a few of the countertop appliances I've used the most during our kitchen remodel so far.

Six Small Appliances That Will Save You During a Kitchen Remodel


Instant Pot
George Foreman Grill
Air Fryer
Stove Top Burner
Toaster Oven

If you have set up a temporary kitchen space in an area that's not usually designated as a kitchen, save yourself some trouble and buy a Kill a Watt. The Kill a Watt tells me how much voltage I'm using and it beeps if I'm getting close to blowing a fuse, so I know to either stop using an appliance or to move one appliance to another socket. 

You can read more about how we set up our temporary kitchen here

Countertop Appliances I thought I'd Use in Our Temporary Kitchen but I Haven't


I've actually used my Instant Pot as a crockpot instead, so I haven't found my crockpot to be useful.


It's not uncommon for us to use our blender daily. Usually for smoothies or blended drinks, but because clean-up is a bit more of a pain, we haven't used it at all.


I have been surprised at how often I've used my stovetop burner. Usually in place of the griddle. If I didn't have a stovetop burner, I'd probably be using the griddle more. I don't know.

Easy Meal Prep

We don't often buy pre-washed or chopped veggies, but because meal prep space is at a premium, and, well, we don't have easy access to water, budgeting to spend a little extra on these conveniences, will help you still save money in the long run when you are eating at home.

Easy Prep Meal Ideas During a Kitchen Remodel

Meal planning always helps to prevent those blank stares into the refrigerator in the evening wondering what to make for dinner, so I want to share a few of our favorite easy prep meals to make during a kitchen remodel.


Favorite Instant Pot/Crock Pot Recipes During a Kitchen Remodel

Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Coconut Lime White Chicken Chili by Life is But a Dish
Cilantro Lime Chicken by Domestic Superhero
Chicken Noodle Soup by Domestic Superhero
Crack Chicken by Simple & Seasonal
Cuban Pork by Simple & Seasonal
5 Ingredient Chili by The Typical Mom
Chicken Fajitas by Shugary Sweets
Taco Chili by No Sugar No Flour
Creamy Italian Chicken Pasta by Num's the Word
Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken by Like Mother Like Daughter

Favorite Air Fryer Recipes During a Kitchen Remodel

Chicken Wings by Domestic Superhero
Chicken Parmesan by Domestic Superhero
Cajun Salmon by Domestic Superhero
Loaded Baked Potato Skins
Brats by Num's the Word
Kung Pao Shimp by Life Currents
Chicken Tenders by Mama Loves Food

I'm sure I'll be adding more recipes to the list as our remodel goes on. Do you have any easy prep meal ideas your family has enjoyed in their temporary kitchen? I'd love to hear them!

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