You Can Sell Your Used Kitchen Cabinets and Granite: Everything You Need to Know!

In late 2010, we purchased a new home. It was a custom home that was just a few years old. Here's the thing. I never really liked the kitchen. It's just not really my style and it was dark and Seattle is dark enough for nine months out of the year, that I dreamed of something lighter and brighter. The real dilemma for me was that we had a really nice kitchen. Top-of-the-line materials were used and I have always been of the mindset that you use what you have. Plus, I didn't want to see perfectly good materials ending up in a landfill. I'm not sure when the bug was put in my ear that I could sell our used kitchen, but I have sold just about everything else so why couldn't I sell our kitchen? I'm sharing all my tips and tricks so you can sell your old cabinets and granite, put a little money back in your pocket for your upcoming remodel, AND keep perfectly good materials out of the landfill! It's a real win all around!


You Can Sell Your Used Kitchen Cabinets and Granite! Everything You Need to Know!

sell kitchen cabinets and granite all the things you need to know

Back in early 2011, I gave a little kitchen tour and if you notice, I talked all about the layout and not at all about the look of the kitchen. Even back then I didn't love it. I often say it's a custom home, it's just not OUR custom home. So in an effort to make it our home, we are diving into a kitchen remodel!

Can I Really Sell My Old Kitchen?

Yes! And honestly, if you are remodeling your kitchen, you should absolutely look into this option. Not only will you be able to put some cash in your pocket, but you'll also feel good about keeping items out of the landfill.

10 Tips to Selling Your Used Kitchen Cabinets and Granite


1. Give Yourself Plenty of Time

One of the very first things to go during your kitchen demo is your cabinets so you need to be thinking ahead if you want to sell your kitchen.

I had our kitchen listed for about eight weeks and was clear about when the cabinets would be ready for pick up in my description.

2. List in Multiple Places

I had my listing on Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp. I had serious inquiries on both.

You can find my 10 expert tips for selling used stuff online here.

3. Be Clear in Your Description

Pictures speak volumes, so make sure you post as many pictures as the selling platform allows. Make sure you describe the cabinets and their condition as best as you can. List any and all flaws, taking photos of any blemishes or issues so that these findings don't later become a deal-breaker.

I did have a few people who wanted measurements and that was tedious. I gave a general idea of the various sizes and offered to let people come see the cabinets in person {again, giving yourself plenty of time will allow this}.

4. Start High

Having just paid for our new cabinet purchase for our remodel, I had a general idea of what the cabinets would cost. However, no one is paying the sticker price for your old cabinets!

As a general rule of thumb anytime you list an item on a resale site, do a little research. See what the market is like in your area and if there are other used kitchen cabinets for sale.

Test the waters on the higher end, and because of number 1, you have plenty of time to reduce the price as needed.

5. Make Sure Your Contractor is on Board

If you are doing the work yourself, more power to you! But we were having a contractor do the demo, so we wanted to make sure he was on board to do the removing of the cabinets.

It's FAR easier to take a sledgehammer and go all HGTV home show demo on them.

Take into account that removing the countertops and cabinets and keeping them in one piece, is labor-intensive. Demo will probably take a day or two longer.

6. Have Back-Up Offers Ready

Selling on a resale site often, you'll know that there are a lot of flakey people out there. I've spent hours of my life waiting for no-shows! Buying used cabinets is a huge expense for someone. Not only that, there's a bit of a puzzle the buyer will need to figure out to fit them into their existing space.

7. Cash Only

This might be an inconvenience to your buyers, but protect yourself and make sure you are accepting cash offers only.

8. Be Prepared

Have the right tools and lots of people available. Granite slabs in particular are heavy! If you have the right tools for the job, it can really save a lot of backs and make loading them out much easier. Also, make sure your buyer has a truck/trailer that will fit all of the cabinets/granite.

be prepared when selling used cabinets

9. Label Your Cabinets and Drawers

Before we demoed the kitchen, my husband labeled all of the cabinets and drawers. This doesn't so much help you, but it helps your buyer when it's time for them to reinstall them.

10. Don't Make Any Promises!

We listed and had a pending offer {with backup offers} several weeks before the demo of our kitchen even started. We were hoping we could save the granite, but we weren't positive and didn't want to spread any false hope! I was in communication with the buyer via text and kept him informed of the process.

Remember, this is a large purchase for the buyer and you want to always be truthful about the condition of items you are selling. If you are listing your kitchen before demo starts, make sure you are letting your buyer know if the condition of the items change at all.

Why Sell Your Used Kitchen Cabinets?


Put Some Money Back In Your Pocket!

A remodel is expensive! Why not put some cash back in your pocket so you can put money back towards your renovation budget. You can also avoid paying dump fees that can be quite expensive, especially with heavy materials.

Save the Planet!

I'm all about saving the planet and living as sustainably as possible. Reselling and reusing is the ultimate recycling!

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

The cabinets weren't my style, but it doesn't mean they aren't someone else's dream! The newlywed couple buying the cabinets were putting them in their first home. They were able to get high-end products at an affordable price point.

Don't Want to Bother with Selling?

Donate your used cabinets and countertops and take the tax write-off. If our cabinets didn't end up selling, we were planning on donating them to our local Habitat for Humanity Restore. The Restore even offers pick up for new and used building supplies.

You can sell your used kitchen cabinets and countertops and put some cash back in your pocket and into that remodeling fund! I think this is going to become a more and more popular way to DIY. Would you try it?

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