Large Kitchen with Cherry Cabinets

I thought I would join with Love Stitched on her kitchen home tour. I blogged about the kitchen in our old home here. This time, I thought I would show you the kitchen in our new house.

It's an amazingly large kitchen with more cabinet space than I could ever dream of!

The granite is the same granite that we put in our old kitchen. It's called Giallo Santa Cecilia. It's great at hiding crumbs and bread clips. I swear we lose those little clips that are on the bread bag every time we open a bag!

I got used to my undermount sink at the old house, so I am thankful that there is one at the new house too.

I also have two fancy glass corner cabinets. This one usually has another glass vase in it that's being used right now, so it looks a bit bare now.

I love the kitchen island. Especially the fact that it has bar seating at the end. Perfect for little hands that want to help in the kitchen.

It also has this great vegetable sink complete with disposal so it makes food prep a breeze.

Want to know my favorite thing?

This Viking gas range and stove. It's amazing! I had never used a gas stove before moving here and was a bit apprehensive. In no time, I was cooking like a pro with it though! The convection oven is another story. Still trying to figure that out!

Did you notice that I have not one, but two kitchen aid mixers? We got one as a wedding gift from my in-laws (the only thing my husband wanted!) and I couldn't pass up the larger size mixer at a garage sale for only $35! They come in quite handy when I am doing a lot of baking/cooking.

And because so many of the cabinets are so high (and I am so short), we use this library kick stool all the time. A purchase that I made at a garage sale for a few bucks.

Still not sure what was supposed to be above the fridge (cabinets maybe?). Any suggestions there? If you peek around the corner and through the hall (see the arched doorway), you can see my utility closet. It's great for keeping our recycle bin and cleaning tools inside.

We've hosted several large dinner parties in our new home, and this massive island is perfect for laying the food out.

Remember how I said I have loads and loads of cabinets and drawers? I have so many that I even have a drawer for plastic flatware and cups!

The two corners of the kitchen have the lazy susan shelves, again, with not much to fill them (yet!).

Another feature that is so simple but yet so practical? The upright cabinet with the divider to store my dish washing rack as well as my cookie sheets.

Did I mention the miles and miles of counter space?

I also have my very own mom work station.

It's tucked right next to the pantry. Want to know what's in the cabinet above my desk? The candy jar of course!

Thanks for taking a tour of my new kitchen with me. Isn't it great?! What do you love about your kitchen?


AnnaM said...

I love your new kitchen! Thanks for the tour. We had a blank space above our fridge also in the house we moved into five years ago. My husband is pretty handy at woodworking and he built plate racks. I love them because I can change the plates out when I want a color (or white) change of pace. We mulled over that space for a long time and this was a great solution for us.

angie said...


Brittany@Love Stitched said...

I'm totally drooling right now! I love what you did to your old kitchen but your NEW! That island is to die for and that stove...ooohhh how I wish I had a big beautiful stove! I am totally jealous of you right now!!
It's so fun to check out all my readers kitchens...I am loving it!

Anonymous said...

Love the kitchen!!! Love that island! I am searching for cabinet doors like ours to put glass in and hang! I really just want one or two glass doors dang it!!

Jessie K said...

Followed you from Love Stitched. Wow, I have kitchen envy! It's absolutely gorgeous!

Over the fridge... Maybe some plants? Get a little greenery in there.

Unknown said...

Love it! Came by from the link party...

the cape on the corner said...

what a great space! i love the open cabinets and the lazy susan, we have one of those. this all has me dreaming of a kitchen redo (a not yet tackled space in our home.)

terrid614 said...

love your kitchen!! i love the island,most!!!

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