It's not Valentine's day in elementary school without a mailbox!

First off, let me introduce you to my newest assistant Sophie. She usually sits just like this whenever I am working on the computer. Not sure how much longer she will be able to fit under there though. She's growing so fast you can practically watch her grow!

And now to share with you the latest project that my 5 year old and I worked on.

A Valentine's day mailbox. The rules were that the mailbox had to be from a shoebox, and it had to have a hole on top for the Valentine's and for the lid to be able to open.

Owen came up with the idea of making a monster truck and I just helped him put his ideas into motion.

He really just wanted an excuse to have flames on something.

Bonus: he really likes it!


M.O.T.B said...

Super cute! I am working on a dump truck right now. Feel free to come by and leave me some tips:)

Jayme said...

What an adorable pup. They definitely grow up way too fast though, I speak from experiences with our golden retriever pup.

Unknown said...

One of the best Valentine mailboxes I have seen...Good job, Owen....

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