Dining room in a Custom Home

I hate to paint. Don't get me wrong, I love paint. I love how it can instantly transform a room for less than $25, but I hate the actual process of painting. Which is why, even though I don't necessarily love this orange accent wall in our new house, I am working with it.

I found three identical paintings at TJ Maxx for $19.99 a piece. The colors were perfect for this room. Orange accents to match the accent wall, and yellow undertones to match the rest of the house.

One of my favorite things is fresh flowers and I don't really need too much of an excuse to buy them, but my daughter was baptized this weekend, so I picked up some carnations for the event. I love carnations. They are cheap and they last a long time.

I was at Pottery Barn last week (the closest store is nearly an hour away, so I only make it there once a year or so) and picked up these decorative berries. I got three boxes for .79 cents a box. Marked down from $16 each! Score! I put a smaller vase inside a larger vase so that I don't need as much filler. Again, the colors match the colors in the room and work perfectly, even if they are a bit fall ish.

And speaking of fall...the snow is falling. Bring it!

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