Finding the Right Dog Food for Your Dog

I've been waiting for a package for a few weeks now. So when I came home from running errands last Friday, I was disappointed to see that I had this

notice from UPS on my door. I had missed my delivery. I had to wait all weekend until the UPS guy could come deliver my package again. You see, this package was filled with something for our new puppy Sophie.

A few months ago, I blogged about our new puppy here . One of my readers saw my post and contacted me to see if I would be interested in collaborating with The Nutro Company , try out their dog food and treats for three months (for free!!!), and blog about how our family was making the adjustment to having a new puppy (and boy is it an adjustment!).

It seemed too good to be true, so I started poking around on the Nutro website. I was impressed with their products and their philosophy. When we got Sophie we continued to feed her the food her breeders were feeding her. On her first appointment with the vet later that first week, they told us the food she was on wasn't the best for puppies, but it wasn't the worst either. Of course, I thought they were just trying to sell me the (overpriced) food that they had in their lobby. I wasn't biting.

I was contacted by Nutro on a Wednesday and on Thursday at our puppy training class the instructor was discussing nutrition. They mentioned Nutro dog food. Many of the people in our puppy class had some experience with Nutro and spoke quite highly of it. Especially for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities. I was starting to think that maybe I should switch Sophie to something different.

Nutro feels like the old adage "you are what you eat" applies to your pets nutrition as well. As a mom of three young kids, I feel that way about my kids nutrition, so why wouldn't I want that for my favorite (and only) "furry" kids nutrition too?

Sophie is literally growing as we speak. If you sit still long enough you can watch her grow right before your eyes! In the past two months that we have had her she's more than tripled her weight. I know as my kids grow, I want them to have the best nutrition possible.

So I thought I would give this Nutro food a shot.

This is the incredible package that we got in the mail. Keep reading in the next few months, Nutro has promised several very generous giveaways for my readers. I mean seriously, look how generous they were with Sophie! You would be anxiously awaiting the package too, I know it!

Who knew dogs liked apples and blueberries? These new treats are her favorite! The smell is strong enough to lure her on a walk down the street (she hates leaving our neighborhood!) and the treats are bite size enough for training rewards.

They also sent Sophie some awesome new toys. Her favorite, the Kong ball. (I'm not being compensated by Kong, however, if they want to send me any free products to try, I wouldn't complain.). Sophie loves her Kong ball! The vet had suggested that while she's teething to fill it with cottage cheese and freeze it. I've also filled it with Nutro crunchy apple treats as well as peanut butter. It keeps her busy and satisfies her need to chew.

Don't worry, I promise my blog isn't going to be totally focused only on Sophie (however, she is a big part of what my days consist of lately!). In fact, you should hardly notice anything different here at Holy Craft. There will be a few pet themed crafts in the upcoming weeks as well as a few amazing giveaways and of course some great tutorials of things (not pet related) that I am working on. Stay tuned. There are lots of great things happening here as I slowly am getting my crafting mojo back after our move.

Full disclosure: Obviously, this post is a sponsored post. I receive compensation, Nutro products and promotional items from The Nutro Company, however, all opinions are my own. I wouldn't promote a product that I hadn't thoroughly researched and am committed to myself.


Ruth H. said...

Awesome! I'm a huge fan of Nutro. Our dog was an older puppy that we adopted from a rescue. We felt like he had been on really low-quality food in his foster home, so we transitioned him to what we felt like was a "good" food when we brought him home. Even with a slow transition, he had lots of diarrhea. Yuck. Over the next few months, he had horrible dandruff. One of the questions we had for our trainer when we started obedience classes was what to do about the dandruff. She asked us a few questions, and then told us to change food. She recommended Nutro's herring and potato. We switched with some hesitation, remembering how hard new food had been on our dog's digestive system the last time. Switching to Nutro was EASY. We noticed an improvement in his skin in a matter of days, and his coat underwent a complete transformation, he was a good lookin' dog before, but now he is gorgeous. We get compliments all the time on how shiny his coat is. So, we're paying maybe $5-10 more for a bag of dogfood, but it is well worth the cost to have a healthy, happy dog!

I can't wait for the giveaways!

Jayme said...

Wow what an awesome bundle of goodies! We have a golden too (he is 9 months now) and I can't wait for some of your give aways to start with Nutro. He's had some unfortunate stomach issues (more diarrhea that I've seen in my life) that have thankfully gone away and we've considered switching to a "more nutritious" brand for some time now but just can't afford it at the moment. I look forward to hearing your opinions about their products and if you have too many of those treats you can always send them our way ;-)

michelle said...

I have a 10-month-old Golden girl and she eats Nutro large breed (as does her 'brother,' our 3 year old german shepherd). I will have to try those fruity treats - my girl, Boomer, is very stubborn and will only listen to some commands if treats are involved. Ice cubes are also a great way to let them chew!

MCullison said...

Can't wait to hear more about how much your dog likes Nutro brand. We are getting our new puppy tomorrow afternoon and I can't wait she is a 14 week Yorkie who is still only 1 1/2 pounds. I have heard so many good things about Nutro and really think it will help her gain some weight, although she will never be big.

Mya said...

We adopted a Min Pin in December, and he eats Nutro Small Breed Puppy food. His coat is incredibly shiny, he has so much energy, and he's growing at a much better rate than his siblings. Our vet was surprised at how well he's doing - until I said we were feeding him Nutro. The vet had nothing but praise for our choice in food and our new baby.

Unknown said...

We have been feeding our two goldens nutro since they were both puppies. Our oldest, Huckleberry, is now seven and has maintained a great shape and tons of energy! Good luck with Sophie! We will be excited to hear all about her!

Unknown said...

I have two 10 year old goldens. We've tried varous foods over the years but I finally came back to Nutro a couple of years ago. The boys have very sensitive skin and stomachs and they absolutely do best on Nutro. They're currently on the weight management version, but all the senitive skin varieties have been great and they can go from flavor to flavor without stomach upset. We all love Nutro!

Amber Marie said...

My dogs and cats are both on Nutro! They do wonderful on it! :)

Stef said...

You puppy is soo cute! I'm in need of switching my Dog to something new real soon. She just doesn't like the Kibbles & Bits I've been giving her. I have heard good things about Nutro.

Mary said...

I have my Dog Zacc and my Cat on Nutro senior, They love it and are doing so well. You would not know they were 10 yr and 12 years old. They still play and love to be loved. My dog is a Rat Terrior and he loves to go for walks and car rides. I love the Nutro food and I believe it has help them live a better and more healthy life.
Thanks, Mary

Unknown said...

We adopted a mixed breed from the pound. She is the sweetest dog,but we found out quickly she has a very sensitive tummy. Put her on the Nutro Natural Choice Chicken,Rice and Oatmeal. She has done fantastic on the food and she has energy that she didn't seem to have when we got her. I think the food actually makes her feel good!

Carrie said...
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Lori said...

Wow! Sophie is a cutie! I can't wait to see how she grows. I have been using Nutro foods for over 15 years. My furry kids always do very well on it. Sophie sure did get a great welcome into her new home!

Anonymous said...

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