Our thoughts are still with Japan after the Earthquake in 2011

We've all been watching the heartbreaking coverage of the disaster in Japan unfold. We continue to watch the reunions and the stories of survival during the rescue efforts. It's hard to see the videos and not be moved.

Just this week our cousin Chad has been deployed (in that sweet ride!) from his base in Okinawa, Japan into Atsugi (just outside of Tokyo). He's already hard at work with the Nuclear Decontamination crew and will be helping to plan the safe exit of our troops from the disaster area when it's time. As you can see, he has a sweet one year old daughter (she didn't get to go with him, just liked playing on the steps like any one year old!) and another sweet kiddo on the way. Please join me in praying for his speedy and safe return.


Chelsea from Pink Fig was moved to design this t-shirt with the hopes of spreading love from our side of the world, to their side of the world. Susan at Living with Punks is jumping on board to host a sew along this week. Head on over and join her tomorrow as she starts this opportunity for you to join in helping out in your own creative way.

Don't forget the Nutro giveaway ends tonight. I was excited to read that Nutro is fueling the rescue efforts in Japan by supporting canines in the Search Dog Foundation (SDF). What an amazing mission these rescue dogs and their firefighter partners are preforming together in some of the most difficult circumstances.

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