Commercial advertising debut

Kids starring in a Commercial

A few weeks ago, my sister in law sent me an e-mail from a friend's marketing agency in search of about 50 kids to be in a Sleep Country commercial. I thought it might be fun for the kids, so I sent their picture on to the agency, and she forwarded it on to the casting director.

They ended up needing a 12 year old (the other two kids were out of luck this time!), so we accepted the job and I put my best stage mom attitude on for the afternoon.

I picked Aidan up early from school and we headed into Seattle for the big day. We were immediately escorted into the green room (yep, it was green)

and shown to the catering table. There was food everywhere!

Aidan took the opportunity to pose in a directors chair before being swept off to prepare for his commercial.

He started off in wardrobe. The stylists agreed that red was his color, even if he didn't necessarily agree!

Then he was whisked into hair and makeup.

There was more extra pampering of him on set too.

People were even called in to bring him water! He was eating it all up!

We met the crew and were introduced to the director.

And this stage mom, got comfy behind the cameras and got to see on the screen what Aidan was filming and saying.

They filmed lines for 6 different commercials that they will then piece together and edit. We aren't sure which ones they will use of Aidan but once I get the final edited version, I will be sure to post a link. Isn't that super fun?

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Missy said...

Very fun! Congrats to Aidan!

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