Everything You Need to Know about Shopping at a Food Co-op

When we were shopping at a farmer's market in Italy recently, it struck me that each of the items at the market was listed with the region that the item came from. It hit me that Americans have such a disconnect with their food and where it comes from. I started to become much more aware of how my food is sourced.

I've always been a fan of my local farmer's market, but that's generally a seasonal shopping experience in my area. Just this past weekend, Central Co-op opened up in my neighborhood and I thought I'd give it a look. I've never shopped at a Co-op grocery store before, and maybe you haven't either, so I'm going to try to answer all of your questions about food co-op's, from how to shop at them, if you should join one and the best tips to getting the most out of your shopping experience. 

15 Cool Things to Buy on Amazon for Summer NOW!

I count the official start of summer with the last day of school, so we still have a few days, but many of you are well on your way to enjoy long summer days. With the sun creeping out, and the kids home from school, I've got you covered with some pretty awesome Amazon finds you might not have known you needed but you totally do! Here are 15 cool things to on my summer Amazon wish list. 

watermelon on a beach blanket

Summertime Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

Summertime Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

Bring the outside indoors with these incredible summertime essential oil diffuser recipes!  These diffuser blends give you those fresh and light smells of summer anywhere you go. Whether you are diffusing at home, in your car, or even at your office. Enjoy these natural summer essential oil blends.
If you are looking for new scent blends to try for summer, I have a handful that might fit perfectly into what you are wanting. These are some of the best smelling essential oil combinations, in my opinion.

Healthy Homemade Greek Yogurt Fudge Pops

This post is sponsored by FAGE; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

woman enjoying a homemade frozen treat made with FAGE yogurt

It's no secret that I have a little bit of a sweet tooth, especially when it comes to frozen desserts. I can eat frozen treats all year round, but really do enjoy them when the weather starts to warm up. FAGE Total Plain Greek Yogurt gives these healthy homemade Greek yogurt fudge pops a little tart kick, which may just deter your little ones from stealing them from you. As I described it to my nieces who were eyeing them in my freezer, they have a more grown-up taste perfect for the sophisticated adult palette. 

These Greek yogurt fudge pops will feel like a decadent dessert but they aren't a cheat food at all! 

healthy frozen treat recipes

Vacation Proof your Garden

Vacation Proof your garden

When you put work into your garden all spring and summer you want to see it grow and thrive. The fear of how your garden will survive on its own is a big one that stops many gardeners from taking a well-deserved vacation. With a little planning, you can vacation proof your garden and have fun without fear you will come home to devastation.

green plant growing in a garden

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