Fun and Free: How to Find the Best Free Resources in Your Community

Whether you’re on a tight budget, spending freeze, or just trying to save a little bit of money, there are plenty of fun, free things to do! When it comes to frugal fun, you can’t go wrong with any of these fun free resources in your city! No matter where you live, these are great options for any family. Here are the best free resources you should be taking advantage of.

fun free resources

Money-Sucking Habits to Break Today!

Habits are pretty hard to break, especially bad ones that we know aren’t good for us, like drinking soda or impulse buys, but the rush of serotonin we get from those habits can make it hard to quit. Your habits, especially when associated with money, can shape your financial future. Do you want to know the secret to building wealth? It starts by cutting these money-sucking habits!

money sucking habits you should break now

More Money Making Tips: Buying and Selling Used and Making a Profit

Back in January, I started these fun little alliteration money-saving challenges. I had Jumpstart January, Frugal February, Money Making March, April Audit, and now {what should be} Money Saving May, but guess what? It's my blog and I am going to shake things up. I had such a HUGE response from readers who loved following along with me on my money-making March challenge. I started out with a goal to put $500 back into my pocket, and I ended the month making $1000! Just by selling items I had at home. I continue to hear from people on an almost daily basis about how they were inspired to sell an item or two on eBay, at consignment or on Facebook Marketplace.

I get giddy when I hear your successes, but even more giddy now that I have an extra $1000 in my pocket! I mean, come on. With your success stories, I'm also still getting questions about how you can successfully make money selling your old stuff, so I thought I'd take another month to tackle all of your questions and to take you along with me as I attempt to replicate my success from money-making March. Dare I set the challenge to make ANOTHER $1000 selling my stuff?

more ways to make money from  home

Making a Successful Transition from Stay at Home Mom to Working Mom

I graduated from college with a toddler. After graduation, I don't even think it was a discussion, I knew I wanted to stay at home with my kids. It was a sacrifice that we made for our family and I wouldn't trade that time at home with my family for anything. But I'm not one of those ladies who lunch either. Even when the kids were young, I was a perpetual volunteer always finding ways to keep myself busy outside of parenting and playdates. Once all three kids were in school full time, I started transitioning to working a very full part-time schedule. This wasn't an easy transition, and we made a lot of mistakes, but I'd like to share some things I learned with you in case transitioning from being a SAHM {stay at home mom} to a working mom is something on the horizon for you.


Instant Pot Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe

I have a love/hate relationship with my Instant Pot. I feel fooled every time I use it. People who sing its praises talk about how you can make dinner in under 10 minutes and I get excited about that, but then I try it and I'm waiting 10 minutes for the dang thing to just start to warm up and count down. I digress. Though I did write my thoughts about the Instant Pot here, so if you want to commiserate with me, go check that post out. All that to say, I use my Instant Pot at least once a week and this instant pot pulled pork recipe is one of our favorites. I can often find pork on sale at my local grocery for cheap, and when I do, I often freeze it for an easy weeknight recipe. If you're looking for something easy you can whip together, check out this Instant Pot Pulled Pork Sandwich.

instant pot pulled pork

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