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Contact Paper Used as Wallpaper for a Sewing Closet Reveal

Redoing my master bedroom closet has been something on my to-do list since January. It was kind of an accident though. I happened to find some contact paper at my local Dollar store {you all know how much I love my Dollar Store!}, so I purchased ten rolls of it and it sat on the floor of my closet for months before I did anything with it. I had the idea in my head, I just didn't have the motivation for the execution. Please tell me I'm not the only one! One of my biggest regrets when we put built-in's in my master closet is that we didn't paint the walls before we installed them. I love love love my master bedroom closet and all the built-in drawers but the yellow walls that are in THE WHOLE house were starting to get to me. So, I decided to be a little unconventional. I took those rolls of contact paper and used them to wallpaper the walls of my closet. 

No big reveal would be fun without a little peek at the before. We have lived in our home for over six years and my master closet has had the most transformations over time. When we toured the home, I fell in love with how big and spacious the closet was. Lucky for me, there is another closet that is in our master bedroom, so I don't have to share. All of our bedrooms were being filled up by kids, so I envisioned the back wall of my closet as my craft room/sewing space. 

It's evolved over time. The shelves got filled up with baskets in an attempt at organization, then one long weekend, I took the kids on a trip and I came back to some built-in shelving in the back of the closet. It's been a great space for me to create. I leave my closet door open and on the other side of the door is our master bathroom. I stand by the sink and stare into the visual clutter at the end of my closet to my craft space and I knew it needed some attention. I'm so much happier with the space now and can't wait to show you the big reveal!

Contact Paper Used as Wallpaper DIY

I absolutely love this space now! I look into my closet and see a clean bright space and can't believe what a difference $18 worth of contact paper has made. I'm telling you, I couldn't have even bought a roll of wallpaper for that price! I purchased a new chair for myself from Wayfair. Can you believe that I haven't had a designated chair for this space in the six years that we have lived here? 

I used many of the same storage baskets that I had. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? I just cleaned them up a bit and purged a lot of my fabric and supplies that I hadn't really touched in years. 

I love fresh flowers, but they die, so, I went with a bunch of pretty realistic ones from Joann's that were half off. I also took some globes that I had sitting around {I love globes!} and added some flowers. Keep your eye out for a tutorial on that.

I can hardly believe the difference that the DIY contact paper wallpaper makes! I'll be giving you the full tutorial on Friday {update: find it here} and some tips and tricks if you want to try it yourself! Make sure you sign up for my newsletter {find the box on the sidebar that says "don't miss a thing"} so that you won't miss the post when it comes out!

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Joline said...

What an amazing transformation! This looks like the perfect spring project.

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

I would have never thought to use contact paper. Wallpaper is so expensive, and this DIY looks great

Juli Purcell said...

Oh my gosh this is genius!!! and so gorgeous! Like seriously, it looks so so so amazing!!!!

Catherine said...

What a beautiful transformation! I've used contact paper in the past as wall the pattern. It's perfect for a closet!

Giulia Dugo said...

The paper totally brightened the room! Such a good idea!

Abbey Co. Seattle said...

Wow this turned out beautifully!!! What a fab way to transform a small storage space.

Leanne said...

This is adorable - and I so wish I had that contact paper (swoooon!)

Nicole Hood said...

Beautiful! What a lovely print and great idea.

Anonymous said...

Such a great transformation!
You have some great ideas 💡

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