DIY Floral Globe

Last week, I shared how I updated my master bedroom closet with some contact paper that I pretended was wallpaper. I took everything out of my closet and as I slowly started to put things back in after the {faux} wallpaper was hung, I realized that I needed some new decor. I had a few things in mind, and while I was walking the aisles of Joann fabrics {I know, I said I broke up with her...but I just can't quit her!} I saw some scrapbook paper that I thought would look amazing in my closet. I just wasn't sure how. And then it came to me! I decided to take an old globe and upcycle it to create a DIY flower globe that would match my new {contact} wallpapered space. 

While I love globes as is, I think this little upcycle was pretty awesome. It cost me less than a dollar and took just a few hours of my time. I'm sharing with you how you can make your own too.

DIY Floral Globe

You will need:

scrapbook paper

I pick up any globe that I see at a garage sale, so these were some I had in my stash. However, I did link to a small globe you can purchase above that isn't too expensive.

I started by painting my globes black. This took three coats of paint and if you use a sponge brush the paint goes on pretty thin making the layers dry faster. I don't know what it is about globes but when they are painted black my heart kind of skips a beat.

While the paint was drying, I cut out the flowers from the scrapbook paper. I tried to cut out whole flowers rather than parts of flowers but I did end up using a few pieces of flowers on one of the globes since it has a line around the center.

I used my sponge brush to put a layer of mod podge on the back of the paper and then I smoothed the paper out on the globe. Once I had all of my paper flowers in place and smoothed out as best as I could on a round surface, I put a  layer of mod podge on top of my flowers. If you have never used decoupage before, this step will freak you out. It's OK. It dries clear!

I'm kind of in love with how these globes turned out.

diy flower globe

You can use any kind of scrapbook paper to personalize your globe. That's what is so fun about this project!

DIY flower globe

Are you a globe lover too? Think you would tackle this project?

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Claire | Heart Handmade UK said...

Holy fudge I love these so much! I'm half imagining this done on a big drinks globe now x

Cathy McDowell said...

Very pretty! I am a sucker for that motif & it is perfect on the globes. Such a good idea!

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